Looking to Stay Competitive?
Mokshita P.
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Looking to Stay Competitive?

Eyhab Abdeen emphasises the importance of smart workforce utilisation. The collaboration aims to enhance organisational design and strategic decision-making for Middle Eastern businesses.

Imagine, you're running a company, and you want to make sure your workforce is in tip-top shape, ready to tackle any challenge that comes their way. That's where this collaboration comes in. So, here's the scoop: PwC Middle East and Orgvue are teaming up to supercharge their services for businesses in the region.

With Orgvue's organisational design and planning software, PwC Middle East can now dive deep into data to help companies like yours make smarter decisions about their workforce. Whether it's figuring out who should be doing what or how to allocate resources effectively, this partnership has got you covered.

Eyhab Abdeen, a Partner at PwC Middle East, said, your workforce is your most valuable asset, and you've got to make sure you're using it wisely. By tapping into digital tools and analytics.

And why is this such a big deal? Well, in today's fast-paced business world, staying ahead of the curve is key. CEOs in the Middle East are feeling the pressure to innovate and adapt, or risk getting left behind. That's where PwC and Orgvue come in, helping companies reshape their strategies and stay competitive.

Rob Amor from Orgvue is excited about the collaboration too. He sees it as a game-changer for workforce transformation, making it easier for businesses to design their organisations and plan for the future.

To sum up, this partnership is all about combining technology with tried-and-true strategies to help businesses thrive in an ever-changing world.