Harvard Collaboration Pioneers Sustainable Finance Program in UAE
Mokshita P.
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Harvard Collaboration Pioneers Sustainable Finance Program in UAE

EIF favours Emiratisation in finance, forging collaborations with Sharjah HR, Harvard Business Publishing, and Columbia University, aiming to nurture global finance leaders.

Have you heard about the Emirates Institute of Finance? They've been making some moves lately to boost Emiratisation in the financial sector.

Recently, they had these significant signings, like MOUs, with some key players. One was with the Department of Human Resources in Sharjah, showing a commitment to providing future finance leaders with training and skills.

H.E. Engineer Omar Khalfan bin Huraimel Al Shamsi, who's quite influential in Sharjah, mentioned, “Through this collaboration, future leaders in the finance and banking sectors will be provided with the qualifications, training opportunities, and advanced practical skills that are vital to succeeding in their careers.”

Then there's this Sustainable Finance Program with Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning. It's all about preparing future finance leaders to tackle pressing issues like climate risk and sustainable lending. Vinay Hebbar from Harvard Business Publishing said, “For us at Harvard Business Publishing Corporate Learning, it's an honour to work with the Emirates Institute of Finance on the Sustainable Finance Program.”

Lastly, they joined forces with Columbia University and Wiley Edge to bridge the global talent gap in finance innovation. Becs Roycroft from Wiley Edge noted, “This collaboration reaffirms our commitment to nurturing emerging talent and bridging the global talent gap in technological innovation in the finance sector.”

All these partnerships and agreements are geared towards empowering future finance leaders with the skills they need to thrive, not just locally but on a global scale. It's exciting to see how these initiatives will shape the future of finance in the UAE!