From Dream to Reality: Enviroserve's Journey – What's Next?
Mokshita P.
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From Dream to Reality: Enviroserve's Journey – What's Next?

It aims to enhance the circular economy and set new sustainability standards in e-waste management across the Middle East and beyond.

Hey, did you hear about the acquisition involving Tadweer Group and DUBAL Holding? They’ve teamed up to acquire Enviroserve, which is a big deal in the e-waste management industry. Enviroserve was founded back in 2004 and is renowned for being the only integrated e-waste processing hub in the Middle East, Africa, and the Caucasus. Their facility is top-notch, handling all sorts of waste, especially electrical and electronic equipment from the region.

Ali Al Dhaheri, who’s the CEO of Tadweer Group, emphasised how important partnerships are for their growth. He mentioned that teaming up with DUBAL Holding aligns with their strategy to boost the circular economy and reduce landfill waste. Ali is optimistic about this move, seeing it as a way to enhance e-waste management through collaborative efforts with DUBAL Holding.

On the other side, Ahmad Hamad Bin Fahad, the CEO of DUBAL Holding, expressed his excitement about this collaboration. He highlighted that this acquisition is a significant step towards sustainability and improving waste management practices. Ahmad believes that working together with Tadweer Group will help set new standards in responsible e-waste management, contributing to a cleaner environment for future generations.

Stuart Fleming, the CEO and Co-founder of Enviroserve, shared his enthusiasm about the future of the company under Tadweer and DUBAL Holding’s management. He stressed the importance of sophisticated recycling and e-waste management for the planet's preservation and is confident that this acquisition will drive Enviroserve’s mission forward, offering top-tier recycling services and positively impacting the environment.

Brian Wilkie, the Co-founder and Chairman of Enviroserve, reflected on their journey since 2004. He mentioned how their dream of becoming one of the largest recyclers in the Middle East came true with the opening of The Recycling Hub in Dubai Industrial City in 2018. With Enviroserve being recognized as a ‘National Asset’ at COP28 and now being acquired by such reputable organisations, Brian feels proud of their contribution to the UAE’s sustainability strategy and wishes the company continued success both locally and internationally.