Emaar's KAEC Partners with hopOn to Transform Urban Mobility in Saudi Vision 2030 Drive
Mokshita P.
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Emaar's KAEC Partners with hopOn to Transform Urban Mobility in Saudi Vision 2030 Drive

The collaboration aims at advancing sustainable transportation and smart parking in line with Saudi Vision 2030, socio-economic development and innovation in KAEC.

In a move towards sustainable transportation solutions, Emaar, The Economic City, the master-developer of King Abdullah Economic City, has forged a partnership with hopOn, a rapidly growing smart city solutions provider for public and shared transportation. The collaboration, formalised with an official agreement signed last week in Riyadh, underscores a shared commitment to smart mobility and sustainability, aligning with Saudi Vision 2030.

The agreement, inked by Cyril Piaia, CEO of Emaar, The Economic City, and Jamil Naji Jamjoom, Co-Founder and CEO of hopOn, during the two-day PIF Private Sector Forum, aims to enhance the transportation infrastructure within KAEC. Mansour Al-Salem, Managing Director of Emaar, The Economic City, and other key representatives were also present during the signing.

The partnership will lead hopOn's expertise in smart city solutions to establish a seamless and efficient transportation network catering to the diverse needs of KAEC's residents and visitors. This encompasses last-mile connectivity from the Haramain train station to key districts, various bus routes, and an array of on-demand transportation options, including e-shuttles, vans, two-wheel scooters, three-wheel scooters, mechanical bikes, and electric bikes.

Moreover, the collaboration will integrate innovative smart transport solutions and introduce smart on-street and off-street parking solutions. Residents and visitors will be able to book rides and reserve parking spaces conveniently through a dedicated smart mobile app. This initiative aligns with KAEC's commitment to developing a world-class, integrated lifestyle city that contributes to the socio-economic prosperity and sustainability of Saudi Arabia.

Highlighting opportunities for public-private partnerships in various sectors, including hospitality, entertainment, commercial, residential, and industrial, KAEC showcased its vision during the PIF Private Sector Forum. The forum, hosted by PIF, aimed to strengthen partnerships between PIF portfolio companies and private sectors while identifying collaboration avenues in key sectors.

Cyril Piaia, CEO of Emaar, The Economic City, emphasised the goal of promoting sustainable economic growth and enhancing the overall experience for residents and visitors. He stated, "Through our participation in the PIF private sector forum, we are making progress towards our goal of steering socio-economic development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while also attracting third-party investors from the private sector in line with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 strategy.”

Jamil Naji Jamjoom, Co-Founder and CEO of hopOn, expressed the company's dedication to building smarter, more connected cities with sustainable and universally accessible transportation. He noted that the partnership with KAEC aligns perfectly with hopOn's mission to transform urban mobility.

The collaboration with hopOn signifies a significant milestone in Emaar, The Economic City's commitment to innovation and excellence in urban living. The combined efforts aim to set a new standard for intelligent urban developments globally, providing KAEC residents and visitors with a seamless and integrated mobility experience.

The successful second edition of the PIF forum brought together PIF companies and private sector entities, significant economic growth investments. Positioned to shape urban living experiences, KAEC to contribute to Saudi Arabia's economic and social development through impactful partnerships and endeavours.