Careem offers free Wi-Fi starting mid-July
Priya Wadhwa
10x Industry

Careem offers free Wi-Fi starting mid-July

Just 2 weeks until you can enjoy free unlimited Wi-Fi in all Careem cars.

Ever since Uber acquired careem, people have been debating, which service to use. Naturally the number of promotions have declined as the companies aren’t competing for market share anymore.

Now there is an easier reason to choose Careem over Uber: free unlimited Wi-Fi in all their cars starting mid-July. Isn’t that just the most wonderful news?

Careem is partnering with Etisalat, UAE’s biggest telecom operator, as well as Snapit Digital, a Dubai-based media tech company, to offer the free Wi-Fi service.

“This agreement is another vital step forward in making Careem one of the safest and trusted online platforms in the region."
Adib Samara, head of business development at Careem.

Careem is not the first to offer Wi-Fi in its cars. Abu Dhabi taxi company TransAD introduced free Wi-Fi in November 2016, also in partnership with Etisalat. While Dubai is currently phasing the rollout of Wi-Fi in its taxis in partnership with du. 500 Dubai Airport taxis already carry Wi-Fi since December 2016, with 700 more added in 2017.

Careem car riders can access Wi-Fi after watching brief commercials and logging in with their mobile number and a one-time password. Careem assured that the log-in is secured and that user information will not be shared with any third party.

Uber has received regulatory approval for the Careem’s acquisition in the UAE, and is working with antitrust bodies in other countries in which Careem operates, to complete the takeover.

The world is becoming increasingly connected via the internet. With free Wi-Fi hotspots at multiple places in the UAE, many new expats are opting out of expensive data bundles to simply use Wi-Fi available in most places. However, the speed is still limited and many are not even aware of Dubai taxi Wi-Fi, albeit it isn’t yet rolled out completely.