Ask the Expert – Negotiating the difficult conversations
Mita Srinivasan
10x Industry

Ask the Expert – Negotiating the difficult conversations

Our second expert, Dawn Metcalfe will share tips on how to have those difficult conversations that fast becoming a reality in the SME business day

Times are difficult and we are having to make decisions none of us as business owners or as employees wanted to take. Now that we are working from home, how we have that conversation with our family and friends to ensure they understand that while we are home, we are still working.

Our next expert on the series is Dawn Metcalfe. As the author of the book, Hard Talk, she is a great advocate of transparency and making that difficult conversation easier. On 14 April, at 4 pm, she will share her insights and helpful tips on how to share your position as an employer with your employee (whether that is reducing salaries, downsizing, changing terms) and make it easier for both. She will also discuss how (as a business) you can manage difficult conversations with your ecosystem partners whether that is premature contract cancellations, postponements, among others.

Most importantly, she will also share how to have that conversation with family and friends to ensure that your work carries on uninterrupted.

Having worked in seven countries ranging from when she was a teenager in Ireland through to her time teaching teachers in China to Dubai, Dawn Metcalfe has worked with leaders at all levels around the region and beyond to change the way they see the world, their behaviour and their impact on others. As well as authoring The HardTalk Handbook and Managing the Matrix, she is also the founder of PDSi, which helps individuals, teams and organisations drive behavioural and cultural change. Known for not being afraid to tell truth, her insights and straight-talking approach has kept her constantly in demand from large multinationals and government entities across the Middle East over the last 10 years.

We are pleased to have unmitigated access to Dawn – so do share your questions on email to us on or look for our updates on social media: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or on YouTube. You can register here for the session.

If you missed the first one this week (7 April), you can see the recording of the first live session with Bianca Gracias is here.