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Mita Srinivasan
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Ask the Expert

Industry experts provide free advice around legal, financial, marketing and HR questions from SMEs around the region

As the region's governments and regulators takes steps to help its citizens and residents combat the global pandemic, we know that small businesses will struggle for survival. We are launching a series of hashtags on Twitter and LinkedIn to allow businesses to ask us questions that they need answers too. We will pick the top 5 most asked questions and put it to the expert so that they can answer them through a post.

Legal #SMELegal

In all times, businesses are protected by the right agreements and contracts. In times of crisis, the fine print of these contracts come into play. Do you need advice around your contracts, what your legal obligations are?

Financial #SMEFinance

How are you managing your cash flow? Are your transactions with your ecosystem (your partners and suppliers) digitised? Are your cross border transactions online? Is your VAT on track? What advice are you looking for? Let us know.

Marketing #SMEMarketing

As businesses look to tap into new and online resources, are you making the best use of marketing tools. Whether they are PR, digital marketing, content marketing, social media, we have the right experts to help you.


Now more than ever, your team is crucial. While the end doesn't seem to be in sight right now, how will you manage your resources? What steps do you need to take? What are your options as an employer; as an employee?

Use the right hashtag or send us a message on Twitter or LinkedIn and we will share with our community along with the advice from our experts.