Ariston's Green Innovation: Transforming UAE's Business Landscape in 2030
Mokshita P.
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Ariston's Green Innovation: Transforming UAE's Business Landscape in 2030

Embracing COP28 Initiatives, Ariston's Alberto Torner Highlights UAE's Green Outlook and Market Leadership Through Sustainable Technology, Reducing Energy Bills for Leading Hotels and Communities.

In the wake of the recently concluded COP28, Ariston Middle East reaffirms its commitment to sustainability, marking more than four decades of dedication to eco-friendly practices. With the countdown to 2030, the centenary year of the Ariston Group, the company is set to fortify its market leadership by aligning its business strategy with a focus on sustainability, encapsulated in its ESG direction - ‘Building a Sustainable Future.’

Alberto Torner, Head of Ariston Group in the Middle East, Turkey, and Caucasus, emphasises the role of sustainability in the company’s business model. “Green/Low power features have become a key pillar to design an effective water heating solution according to the new regulations in the UAE. Ariston has already evolved its product range to conform to new regulatory requirements and is pleased to be a part of the progression.”

Ariston Middle East, hosting the COP28 event in the UAE, seizes the opportunity to expand its portfolio of sustainable solutions. The UAE’s progressive outlook, as reiterated during the COP28, aligns seamlessly with Ariston’s vision of contributing towards building a green footprint.

Recent projects in the UAE showcase a growing preference for water heating systems that use technology to reduce energy consumption. Ariston engineers provide customised recommendations within the company’s range of heat pumps and solar energy-powered systems based on the specific requirements of each project.

Heat pumps, drawing heat from the air to reduce energy consumption by 80 percent, and solar energy-powered water heating systems are at the forefront of Ariston's sustainable solutions. Notable establishments such as Double Tree Hilton in Fujairah, Navita Hotel & Residences, and ECOS in Dubai are utilising a combination of Ariston heat pumps, witnessing significant annual energy bill savings ranging from AED 350,000 to 45,000. Communities like Golf Link Villas in Mirdif Hills Development and 320 Villas in Ras Al Khaimah showcase up to 76 percent savings in power expenditure through solar energy systems.

Acknowledging the environmental impact of buildings, which contribute 25 to 30 percent of pollution, Ariston Middle East collaborates actively with entities like DEWA, SEWA, and Dubai Municipality. The aim is to raise awareness and foster a conscientious approach towards energy efficiency at every level.

Alberto Torner echoes the sentiments of Aristide Merloni, the company founder, stating, "We've always aimed to provide something to society, not only in terms of business but also in terms of the social footprint that the group can provide."

As Ariston Middle East boost sustainable solutions, it is ready to lead the way in revolutionising water heating practices, combining environmental stewardship with innovative technology to create a lasting impact on the region's energy landscape.