Entrepreneur's Funding Handbook: Exploring the UAE's Accelerators, Incubators, and Venture Studios Landscape
Merlin Chacko
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Entrepreneur's Funding Handbook: Exploring the UAE's Accelerators, Incubators, and Venture Studios Landscape

Explore the diverse landscape of startup support programs - accelerators, incubators, and venture studios. This article offers a comparative analysis, empowering you to make informed choices aligned with your venture's needs.

Embarking on a startup journey in the UAE can feel like navigating through a maze of choices. The UAE's startup ecosystem, mirroring the global stage, is in a constant state of evolution, driven by the convergence of private investments, visionary government initiatives, and collaborative programs.

As the UAE strategically pivots away from its historical reliance on an oil-centric economy, there is a deliberate push towards investing in entrepreneurship. This strategic move manifests in unwavering support for innovative startups across sectors such as fintech, technology, sustainability, and emerging industries. The nation's commitment to nurturing promising startups not only propels economic diversification but also paints a vivid picture of the UAE as a global powerhouse that enthusiastically embraces growth and innovation.

According to a report by WAMDA, startups in the UAE were able to raise a staggering $284 million in 2023, spread across 22 deals. This financial injection further validates the robust startup ecosystem that the UAE is developing. 

Entrepreneur's Funding Handbook: Exploring the UAE's Accelerators, Incubators, and Venture Studios Landscape

Every startup’s journey is unique and different. What is suitable to scale one organisation might be a total failure for the other. Funding, while crucial, is just the tip of the iceberg. From inception to scaling, a startup requires a comprehensive support system. In this guide, we focus our lens on three potent avenues—accelerators, incubators, and venture studios—each offering a unique blend of resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. Our article aims to highlight the offerings and differences of each one, ultimately empowering you to make decisions that align with the unique needs of your startup. 

Entrepreneur's Funding Handbook: Exploring the UAE's Accelerators, Incubators, and Venture Studios Landscape


Accelerators in the startup ecosystem can aptly be described as dynamic launchpads. They are intensive programs that offer a structured environment propelling early to mid-stage stage ventures to success.

The accelerator programs are typically designed for startups with a minimum viable product (MVP), prototypes, or pre-seed funding. So they basically provide focused support to grow. These programs, often time-limited, provide mentorship from seasoned professionals, extensive networking opportunities, and, in many cases, seed funding in exchange for equity. Often, they are partnered with large organisations or investors that help bring capital for funding and support.

Key Features of Accelerators:

  • Intensive Learning: Accelerators compress years' worth of learning and growth into a few months, offering a condensed and focused educational experience for founders.

  • Mentorship: Founders benefit from invaluable guidance from experienced mentors, often industry veterans or successful entrepreneurs.

  • Resources: Accelerators provide startups with essential resources, from funding to technology, facilitating an environment conducive to growth.

  • Cohort-Based Structure: Accelerators operate on a cohort-based model, creating a sense of community and collaboration among participating startups.

There are some prominent accelerators spread across the UAE, with many of them concentrated in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 

Here are the list of some top accelerators in the UAE:

  • DIFC FinTech Hive:

    DIFC FinTech Hive is a key player in Dubai's financial technology landscape. As an accelerator, it focuses on nurturing fintech startups by providing them with a platform to collaborate with leading financial institutions.

    Services: DIFC FinTech Hive offers tailored mentorship, access to a network of industry leaders, and a supportive environment to foster innovation in the fintech sector.

  • Dubai Future Accelerators:

    Dubai Future Accelerators stands out with its unique approach, pairing technology companies with leading government organisations for a nine-week intensive program. This collaborative effort aims to address real-world challenges through innovative solutions.

    Services: The accelerator provides startups with the opportunity to work closely with government entities, gain insights into specific sectors, and refine their solutions for real-world applications.

  • In5:

    In5 is an incubator and accelerator supporting innovation across various sectors. With a focus on technology, media, and design, it serves as a launchpad for entrepreneurs and startups.

    Services: In5 provides startups with co-working spaces, mentorship programs, access to investors, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals.

  • AstroLabs:

    AstroLabs is a tech hub and accelerator catering to startups in the tech industry. It offers a range of programs, including accelerator programs, to assist founders in scaling their ventures.

    Services: AstroLabs provides startups with training, mentorship, and access to a co-working space, along with networking opportunities within the tech ecosystem.

  • Flat6Labs:

    Flat6Labs is a regional startup accelerator that supports early-stage companies across various industries. It has a strong presence in Dubai and has played a vital role in fostering entrepreneurship.

    Services: Flat6Labs offers funding, mentorship, and a structured program to help startups achieve rapid growth.

  • startAD:

    startAD is an Abu Dhabi-based global accelerator steering seed-stage technology startups to launch, develop, and scale their ventures.

As the startup world evolves, specialized accelerators are popping up to give focused support to specific industries. For instance, there's been a rise in femtech accelerators, like the Femtech Accelerator Program by Flat6Labs and Organon. This program helps female-led digital health startups by providing tailored resources and mentorship, aiming to drive innovation in the femtech field.

Likewise, the UAE's focus on sustainability in 2024 is leading to actions addressing environmental concerns. An example is the partnership between Emirates NBD and Microsoft, which launched the SustainTech Accelerator Program last year. This program shows the growing importance of sustainability, providing a platform for startups working on eco-friendly solutions.

What is an INCUBATOR?

Picture incubators as long-term partners for the growth of your business from the initial stages. Unlike accelerators, incubators extend their assistance to businesses still sculpting their business models or navigating the intricate process of product development. They serve as more than just physical spaces; incubators create environments conducive to growth and communities buzzing with daily exchange of ideas. 

Key Features of Incubators:

  • Long-Term Support: Incubators offer a more prolonged and flexible support system, allowing startups to develop at their own pace.

  • Resource Provision: From physical workspace to technology infrastructure, incubators provide essential resources to facilitate the growth of startups.

  • Community Building: Incubators often foster a sense of community among resident startups, encouraging collaboration and knowledge sharing.

  • Open-Ended Structure: Unlike accelerators, incubators do not follow a fixed cohort-based structure, providing a more flexible and accommodating environment.

Here are the list of some top incubators in the UAE:

  • Hub71:

    Hub71 is a leading tech hub and incubator based in Abu Dhabi. It serves as a catalyst for tech startups, providing them with a dynamic ecosystem and access to global markets.

    Services: Hub71 offers startups coworking spaces, funding opportunities, mentorship programs, and access to a global network of investors and partners.

  • Sheraa:

    Sheraa, based in Sharjah, is a prominent incubator supporting startups across various industries. It plays a crucial role in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation in the region.

    Services: Sheraa provides startups with mentorship, training programs, access to a co-working space, and connections to potential investors and partners.

  • Turn8:

    Turn8 is a renowned accelerator and incubator in the UAE, specialising in early-stage startups in the tech industry. With a focus on innovation, it provides a platform for founders to transform their ideas into viable businesses.

    Services: Turn8 offers funding, mentorship, office space, and access to a network of investors to support startups through their developmental phases.

  • Bedayat:

    Bedayat, a notable player in the UAE's startup ecosystem, is a business incubator launched in cooperation with The Sustainable City in Dubai. This initiative is spearheaded by Dubai SME, the agency of Dubai Economy mandated to develop the small and medium enterprise (SME) sector.

    Services: Offers startups training, expert access, and opportunities for research and idea experimentation. The incubator also facilitates communication through private meetings and events, promoting information exchange for startup success.

For early-stage urban tech entrepreneurs, the URB Incubator provides a specialised platform. Another notable example is the healthtech-focused Ztartup, part of Dubai SME under the government's Department of Economic Development. These sector-specific incubators play a pivotal role in enabling targeted innovation, aligning with the diverse needs of startups in specific domains.


While accelerators and incubators help startups grow and develop, venture studios take a distinctive approach—they build them from the ground up. 

Jazeer Jamal, CEO and Founder of GrowValley, a prominent venture studio in Dubai, sheds light on the differentiation, stating, "Studios diverge from accelerators in pivotal ways: Accelerators collaborate with pre-existing startups, whereas studios conceive and nurture ventures in-house from inception to maturity, fostering their growth within a dedicated ecosystem. In essence, a venture studio, also recognized as a startup studio or venture builder, is an organisational entity with a business model tailored to construct, operate, and oversee novel startup enterprises. 

Venture studios assume a proactive role in the initiation and evolution of a new venture from its embryonic stages. Unlike accelerators, which primarily interact with established startups, offering brief periods of support within functional workspaces, venture studios possess comprehensive access to essential resources, leadership, capital, and talent. This expansive reach allows them to efficiently test, construct, launch, and scale ventures.”

Key Features of Venture Studios:

  • In-House Conception: Venture studios undertake the conception and nurturing of ventures within their dedicated ecosystem, allowing for comprehensive control from the embryonic stages to maturity.

  • Proactive Role: Unlike accelerators, which interact with established startups, venture studios assume a proactive role in the initiation and evolution of new ventures, ensuring hands-on involvement throughout the journey.

  • Comprehensive Access: Venture studios boast comprehensive access to essential resources, leadership, capital, and talent, providing an all-encompassing environment for efficient venture development.

Here are the list of some top venture studios in the UAE:

  • GrowValley:

    GrowValley, led by Jazeer Jamal, stands as a prominent venture studio in Dubai, embracing a proactive role in the initiation and development of new ventures.

    Services: GrowValley provides a dedicated ecosystem for venture conception, offering comprehensive access to resources, leadership, and capital for efficient testing, construction, launch, and scaling.

  • AstroLabs / Lakeba Group:

    AstroLabs has recently joined forces with Lakeba Group, a highly successful Australian venture studio that will be expanding to the UAE soon as part of this collaboration. 

In response to the noteworthy achievements of GrowValley, Jazeer shared, “We established ShamsValley, the world's inaugural public-private venture studio, addressing challenges within the media industry. Additionally, we conceived BioWellthy, the world's premier wellness venture studio, overseeing a portfolio of healthcare enterprises, including a hospital group. Another triumph is the inception and launch of venture builder economic hubs in the GCC region starting with the UAE - from setting up to scaling up of startups and SME businesses. We are working closely with multiple authorities to unveil our first smart economic hub, anticipated to benefit over 1500 businesses every year. At present, our assets under management (AUM) stand at $350 million, with projections indicating a growth to $500 million by 2026.”

Moving forward: Tracing the evolving nature of UAE’s startup ecosystem 

  • Sector-Specific Focus: The emergence of niche-focused accelerators and incubators, such as the Femtech Accelerator Program and the SustainTech Accelerator Program, indicates a strategic shift towards specialised support. Startups are now encouraged to align their ventures with specific industry needs, trying to focus on what gap their product can fill in the sector and what problem can their product solve. 

  • Collaboration is driving progress: There is a noticeable departure from traditional models, emphasising the power of synergistic partnerships between government entities and private investors to drive entrepreneurship.

  • Competition intensifies for startups: With the UAE actively seeking to reduce its reliance on an oil-based economy, there is a noticeable surge in startup funding to promote entrepreneurship and digital transformation. Startups vying for attention from accelerators, incubators, and venture studios will need to articulate a compelling value proposition to secure funding amidst a competitive landscape.

  • Tech continues to take centre stage: The persistent focus on technology, particularly with the rise of AI across industries, positions tech-centric startups at the forefront. Startups must continually innovate and incorporate cutting-edge technology into their offerings to remain competitive in a landscape driven by technological advancements.

  • Impact-centric sectors are gaining traction: Sectors like FinTech, HealthTech, EdTech, and EcoTech are gaining considerable attention from investors, signalling a trend towards impact-driven startups. The emphasis on creating meaningful contributions aligns with broader global goals, making startups in these sectors particularly attractive to funding entities.