Crysp Farms Sows Seeds of Expansion: $2.25 Million Funding Fuels Growth in GCC and Beyond
Mita Srinivasan
What's the Deal

Crysp Farms Sows Seeds of Expansion: $2.25 Million Funding Fuels Growth in GCC and Beyond

Net-Zero vertical farming pioneer targets hospitality, healthcare, and retail sectors with sustainable, space-efficient solutions

Crysp Farms recently secured a significant financial boost with a $2.25 million Pre-Series A funding round. The investment, led by Gate Capital and supported by key regional players, marks a pivotal step in the company's expansion strategy across the GCC and into exotic locales like the Seychelles and Maldives.

This innovative 'Farming as a Service' provider, unique in the region for its hyperlocal approach, is set to deepen its roots in the UAE while branching out into Saudi Arabia later this year, aligning with Saudi Vision 2030's goals. The strategic growth isn't just geographical; sector-wise, Crysp Farms is cultivating partnerships beyond its core hospitality focus, encompassing healthcare and retail markets.

Maan Said, CEO and founder of Crysp Farms said, “This financial and strategic investment opens up opportunities and enables the business to scale exponentially across our target markets. Through our partner relationships, we are eager to create a more sustainable world through hyperlocal farming. We are proud to receive the support of Gate Capital and other leading investors in this round, as we look forward to sustainably scaling our operations.”

In the hospitality sector, which includes hotels, resorts, and restaurants, Crysp Farms is revolutionizing the way fresh produce is sourced. These hyperlocal farms, suitable even for urban settings, offer a sustainable and efficient solution for establishments keen on reducing their carbon footprint. Prestigious partners like Hilton Worldwide, Jumeirah Group, and Marriott International are already reaping the benefits of onsite, net-zero farming operations.

Healthcare is another fertile ground for Crysp Farms. Hospitals, requiring a consistent supply of high-quality nutrition for patients, stand to gain immensely from the company's expertise in producing a wide variety of fresh, nutritious crops.

Retail giants like Carrefour are also part of this green revolution, showcasing the versatility and scalability of Crysp Farms' model in supermarket and hypermarket environments. This diversification strategy promises a fresh and steady supply of locally sourced produce, addressing a critical gap in the food security agenda.

Crysp Farms is not just growing plants; it's cultivating a new era of sustainable, efficient, and locally-focused agriculture. With this latest funding, the company is set to transform the landscape of the blue economy, one hyperlocal farm at a time.