What’s happening with Uber’s flying taxi?
Priya Wadhwa
10X Technology

What’s happening with Uber’s flying taxi?

Uber plans to introduce flying taxis as early as 2023.

We live in skyscrapers but travel on the ground. Except when we are travelling overseas of course.

Helicopter rides have long been out of reach for most people on earth. Uber plans to change this. The ride-hailing giant is pushing for its arial taxis with Bell, wanting to speed up introduction of the flying taxi to as soon as 2023.

However, Vice President of Innovation at Bell, Scott Drennah expects it to be around 2025. He told TechCrunch that that is a more realistic timeline, even though they will do their best to launch Uber’s flying taxis earlier.

In more recent news, Melborne will see the first trial of Uber’s flying taxi.

Watch Uber Air's vision and drive behind its flying taxis below: