Twitter's latest AI acquisition to curb fake news: Fabula
Priya Wadhwa
10X Technology

Twitter's latest AI acquisition to curb fake news: Fabula

The technology is still in the works.

After privacy concerns, the major criticism factor for social media is the spread of fake news. Although Facebook has been getting most of the heat due to the Trump election fake news scandal, Twitter too has had its fair share of blame.

To address this issue from within, Twitter has acquired London startup Fabula AI, which is working on a technology to detect fake news.

According to Fabula's website, it has patented a technology that identifies and spots fake news online. The technology, named Geometric Deep Learning has shown high success rates in "spotting online disinformation."

The technology is still being developed and perfected, which means it will be some time before Twitter starts using it. Although, Twitter will give Fabula access to large data set, which will be highly beneficial to for the latter's AI tech development. The startup's tech and talent will serve as the social network's "key driver" in its efforts to make people feel safe, to help them see more relevant information and "to improve the health of the conversation" on the platform.

TechCrunch's in-depth analysis of fake news detection capabilities of Fabula's AI showed 93 percent accuracy.

"There's more to come on how we will integrate Fabula's technology where it makes sense to strengthen our systems and operations in the coming months. It will likely take us some time to be able to integrate their graph deep learning algorithms into our ML platform. We're bringing Fabula in for the team, tech and mission, which are all aligned with our top priority: Health."
A Twitter spokesperson told Techcrunch
Even though Twitter hasn't officially said anything about how it will be using Fabula's team and technology, it did say it will prioritise improving the health of conversations on the platform with the acquisition. We reckon the obvious answer is by using Fabula to detect fake news on its platform.