Top 5 things to look out for at GITEX 2019
Priya Wadhwa
10X Technology

Top 5 things to look out for at GITEX 2019

Here's a game plan to navigate this year's biggest tech event in Dubai.

140 countries.

4,800 exhibitors.

Over 750 international startups & accelerators.

More than 1,500 investors and corporate buyers.

As well as over 100,000 tech enthusiasts.

They are all set to be encapsulated by the 39th GITEX Technology Week & the 4th GITEX Future Stars, held under the theme of ‘Synergising the Mind and Technology Economy’.

If you're thinking about attending, then following are the top 5 areas you should look out for to know what's buzzing in the market, network with key leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as know where the industries are heading towards in the future:

1. Artificial Intelligence Zone 

Artificial Intelligence is the undeniable future we are all moving towards. It is going to see almost every industry undergo a massive change as the AI becomes a ubiquitous part of our lives. By 2030, it is expected to contribute $96 billion, equivalent to almost 14% of UAE's GDP.

The AI zone at GITEX is one to look out for to know what people are working on and what we can expect to be launched soon.

Discover the latest intelligent robots, driverless vehicles, cybersecurity solutions, and more of the most awe-inspiring technology over 5 days.

You can also attend 10 hours of AI Workshops powered by INSEAD that will uncover how AI is changing the processes in industries such as agriculture, construction, procurement, marketing, factory automation and more.

2. 5G Countdown conference

5G connection is the enabler that makes AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain, self-driving cars, smart cities and all other emerging technologies possible.

The MENA region is expected to have 30 million 5G subscriptions by 2024, becoming the centre of the 5G revolution in the world.

The Countdown conference will explore the role 5G will play in the fourth industrial revolution. The panel featuring tech leaders from around the world will discuss how IoT and 5G will power various industries.

3. GITEX Future Stars

The most innovative startups from across the world will get to compete at the GITEX Future Stars Supernova Challenge, which will have 11 categories including the NXG category. They will also get to compete in a number of other competitions including Chalhoub Group’s The Greenhouse retail tech startup challenge and others from the Department of Tourism and Commerce in partnership with Accenture, and Department of Health Abu Dhabi.

Winners of the Supernova competition will receive USD 100,000, and those of sub-categories will take home USD 10,000.

4. NXG Stage

GITEX this year has launched the NXG Stage, which will see speakers give insights to the audience as to how to cater to the tech-obsessed Millennials and Gen Z who have a buying power of $44 billion.

Being digital natives and having grown up amidst the 2008 recession, Gen Z are looking for value for money, privacy and technological advancement to the extent that it seamlessly supports their lives and makes tasks easier.

How can companies, startups, SMEs and large firms attract these digital natives? The market is seeing more people from this generation become part of the consumer market, and this number is only going to increase with 60% of MENA's population being under 25 years old.

5. GITEX Lifestyle Tech

Smart homes technology is a strengthening market, expected to reach $1.86 billion by 2022. International tech giants such as Amazon and Google have already entered the arena with Echo and Alexa.

More than the latest technology for homes, GITEX Lifestyle Tech will see Samsung share revolutionary insights into the smart home market and how to address the needs of customers.

Visitors will also get to know about Samsung's developments in the 5G sphere as well as see their latest technologies.

International tech giants that are debuting this year at GITEX include China Mobile, Nokia, Ericsson, Schneider Electric, Siemens, and Honeywell. They will showcase the latest developments in the emerging technologies including AI, 5G, blockchain and more.