LinkedIn changes its algorithm more transparently
Priya Wadhwa
10X Technology

LinkedIn changes its algorithm more transparently

Addresses complaints.

Have you noticed how content on LinkedIn shown to you has changed over the past few years? The platform used to be one for professional conversations and career growth; however recently one can see people posting personal stories and content that do not have any significance.

LinkedIn has been addressing this issue by changing its algorithm in the past 12-18 months. Moreover, it has come out in the open to tell us how the algorithm is changing so we can all prepare and gain better value from it.

Essentially, it will move away from ranking trending content and, instead, putting more weight on niche-specific professional conversations.

It will also level the playing field with a more evenly distributed network, for which it has introduced creator-side optimisation that gives more attention to creators with smaller audiences.

Senior Director of Product Management Pete Davies recommended using three hashtags or less to promote posts; adding “If a connection uses a hashtag you also happen to follow, it gets an extra boost!”

Are you excited about these changes to LinkedIn? We are delighted to know that young startups will now be heard more on the platform, and not get drowned by big names with tens of thousands of followers. Wonder when FB will update its algorithm more transparently.