LEAP 2024: A Visionary Celebration of Female Leadership and Innovation in Technology
Mokshita P.
10X Technology

LEAP 2024: A Visionary Celebration of Female Leadership and Innovation in Technology

The world's premier tech event to showcase female leaders, startups, and innovations, boosting inclusivity and diversity in the technology sector. Record-breaking attendance expected in Riyadh from March 4-7.

LEAP 2024, the world's premier technology event, is set to shine a spotlight on women leaders in the global technology industry during its upcoming third edition at the Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Centre in the capital's Malham district from March 4-7.

Organised by Tahaluf, a joint venture between Informa PLC, the Events Investment Fund, and the Saudi Federation for Cybersecurity, Programming, and Drones, in collaboration with the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, LEAP 2024 will feature 'Women in Tech' program. This program will encompass compelling content, investment opportunities, networking sessions, entrepreneurial mentorship opportunities, and startup award.

The 'Women in Tech' program is designed to inspire women in Saudi Arabia and beyond to actively engage with the technology industry and contribute to broader diversity initiatives. Aligned with extensive equality programs in the Kingdom, this focus on women in technology at LEAP 2024 comes as female participation in the event continues to rise.

Annabelle Mander, Senior Vice President of Tahaluf, emphasised the event's commitment to gender representation, stating, "Female representation is across all of LEAP’s features and reflects the event’s mission of driving economic diversification and providing market access to international business."

The LEAP 2024 'Women in Tech' program will include a content track featuring an exceptional lineup of speakers, including former government ministers, C-suite executives from leading tech disruptors, ethics advisors, and venture capitalists. Sahar Albanarna of IMPACTIQUE Bahrain, the founder of the 'Women4Impact' initiative, is among the distinguished speakers who believe in technology for positive global impact.

Albanarna commented, "Over 26 million women worldwide with professional experience and degrees are not in the global workplace. This demographic includes a huge pool of untapped talent which technology can help unleash to fuel the co-creation of exponential solutions across multiple sectors."

Nadine Hachach Haram, CEO and Founder of Proximie, a company leading surgical innovation and connecting global operating rooms digitally, will also be present at LEAP 2024. Haram expressed excitement about exhibiting at LEAP, highlighting the platform's global reach and Saudi Arabia's emergence as a hub for technological advancement.

LEAP 2024's commitment to AI will be evident as industry titans share their perspectives, visions, and hopes for a digitally enabled future. Empowered by the Saudi Ministry for Communications and Information Technology, LEAP organisers anticipate a record-breaking turnout of over 180,000 visitors in March, surpassing the February 2023 attendance of 172,000. Female-led startups and entrepreneurs will showcase their projects at the Women's Investor Forum, Entrepreneur Mentorship Scheme, and the Rocket Fuel pitch competition's Aviatrix Award, carrying a prize purse of US$150,000 for the most innovative startup founded by women. LEAP 2024 promises to be an important event leading diversity and innovation in the global technology landscape.