Kavak Revolutionises UAE Used Car Market: A Tech-Infused One-Stop Shop Experience
Mokshita P.
10X Technology

Kavak Revolutionises UAE Used Car Market: A Tech-Infused One-Stop Shop Experience

Kavak, entering the UAE in 2022, achieves growth by doubling volume and reducing burn per car by 4x, offering a transparent one-stop-shop solution.

Kavak has marked its foray into the UAE market in 2022, bringing an approach to the region's used car retail space. Since its entry, Kavak has witnessed substantial growth, showcasing unit economics and a reduction in burn per car by 4x, making it a trendsetter in the industry.

Under the leadership of General Manager Nicolás Ariza, Kavak's state-of-the-art reconditioning hub, located in Dubai Festival Plaza, has become a hub for transforming the used car retail experience. The integrated e-commerce and physical retail model, combined with data-driven operations, positions Kavak as a leader in the region's automotive landscape.

As of October 2023, Kavak has doubled its volume in the GCC and has demonstrated healthy unit economics. The company's success is attributed to its unique one-stop-shop solution, overseeing the entire spectrum of the buying or selling process, from sale to financing. Kavak's focus on transparency, a critical element in an industry plagued by scams and frauds, is evident in its commitment to a 7-day test period for buyers and a one-year standard warranty.

"Our customer experience seamlessly integrates data and technology for a clear and more transparent used car retail process that is beneficial for both buyers and sellers alike, and is the first of its kind in this market. 2024 will be a big year for us as we aim to expand across the GCC," says Carlos García Ottati, CEO of Kavak.

The Dubai Festival Plaza hub boasts a capacity to recondition over 1,500 vehicles per month, maintaining an inventory of 600 cars and employing a team of 100 people. This infrastructure allows Kavak to provide an efficient and transparent retail process, setting it apart from competitors.

Kavak's success story began in 2016 in Mexico City, where founder Carlos noticed the need for increased transparency and minimised fraud in the used car retail market. Backed by prominent investment funds such as Softbank, General Catalyst, and Greenoaks, Kavak swiftly rose to unicorn status with a valuation of US$8.7 billion, making it the most valued startup in Latin America.

The brand's proprietary algorithm, fuelled by artificial intelligence, provides market insight on accurate car prices for both purchase and sale, minimising the risks of fraud. Kavak's data-centric approach has been important to its success, leading to its expansion into 10 countries, including the GCC, where it entered in 2022, investing US$130 million and acquiring Omani used car retailer Carzaty.

Nicolás Ariza, General Manager of Kavak GCC, emphasises that their solutions cater to local needs, providing an innovative tech experience that blends online and offline elements through AI-powered service centres. Kavak's success in the GCC is a testament to its commitment to transforming the used car retail landscape through technology, data-driven operations, and customer-centric practices.