Saudi Customs adopts blockchain solution
Priya Wadhwa
10X Industry

Saudi Customs adopts blockchain solution

The adoption of blockchain will automate the customs procedures.

As part of its Vision for the future, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been forthcoming in the adoption of technology to advance its processes. One such instance is the recent integration of FASAH, its national platform that connects government and private entities involved in cross border trade, and TradeLens, Maerks and IBM’s blockchain-enabled global shipping solution.

The integration, overseen by Saudi Customs and its IT partner Tabadul, is aimed to bring efficiency, immutability, traceability, auditability and compliance to the nation’s cross border trading system. H.E. Mr. Ahmed Alhakbani, Governor of Saudi Customs, commented on the program, “The pilot comes in line with our strategy that aims to facilitate trade and enhance security levels, while working to establish the kingdom as one of the world’s premier logistics hubs.”

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