Hisense’s MENA Expansion: New Production Facilities, Flagship Stores, and Tech Powerhouse
Mokshita P.
10X Technology

Hisense’s MENA Expansion: New Production Facilities, Flagship Stores, and Tech Powerhouse

This expansion aims to enhance delivery efficiency and customer support for their home entertainment and home appliance product lines. Hisense’s strategic investments and sport sponsorship have propelled its growth, while a Dubai-based R&D centre fosters innovation.

Hisense is set to open two new production facilities, establish new offices, and launch three flagship stores in key areas such as the Levant, GCC, and North Africa. This strategic move aims to enhance the delivery of their acclaimed lineup of products, spanning home entertainment and home appliances, to consumers while minimising delivery times and boosting after-sales support.

Hisense's growth trajectory in Middle East and North Africa [MENA] has been remarkable over the past decade, making it one of the preferred brands among regional consumers. The company attributes its success to substantial investments in brand building, notably through sponsorships of global sporting events such as the FIFA World Cup, Euro Cup, and PSG Football Club. Coupled with a reputation for delivering high-quality products and ensuring accessibility, this strategy has accelerated Hisense's growth.

Jason Ou, President of Hisense Middle East and Africa, emphasised, "Under our expansion strategy, Hisense has planned to develop new production facilities across North Africa and the LEVANT region, as well as new flagship stores in the GCC, Saudi Arabia, and the LEVANT region. This means we are even better positioned to offer our high-performance display technologies and premium quality products to an expanded customer base across the region."

The brand's expansion has also been propelled by the establishment of local offices in key markets including Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Egypt, and Algeria. This strategic move has not only improved regional operations but also fostered a stronger partner network and relations strategy, bringing Hisense closer to its customers and end users.

To cater to local preferences and requirements related to products, lifestyle, environment, and social influences, Hisense has set up a global Research and Development centre based in Dubai. This centre serves as an innovation hub for the introduction of new products and technologies that resonate with the local audience.

Recent sales results for the first half of 2023 have contributed to the brand's extended reach within the MENA region. To enhance its after-service offerings, parts availability, and product consultations, Hisense has launched new exclusive and partner-operated Hisense Care Hub service centres in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. The company is planning to expand this exclusive customer care initiative to the rest of the GCC, Iraq, and Algeria.

Hisense's success extends beyond the consumer market, as the brand is making significant strides in the MENA region's B2B air-conditioner market, earning a reputation for product efficiency. Furthermore, regional revenue from white goods has seen a growth of 10.33 percent, with air conditioning witnessing an impressive 20 percent increase in 2023 compared to the previous year.

Jason Ou added, "We are on track for our best year yet in the region, and our MENA expansion strategy will be further bolstered by the introduction of new, award-winning smart and AI technology-led products." Alongside their existing smart home appliances, Hisense is gearing up to introduce the smart 5S laundry series and Smart Air conditioning, which can be controlled via Wi-Fi, voice commands, and a dedicated app.

Hisense's growth in the MENA region reflects its commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, solidifying its position as a prominent player in the global electronics market.