Gitex Day 1 – Socially distanced, live and in-person
Mita Srinivasan
10X Technology

Gitex Day 1 – Socially distanced, live and in-person

Gitex Technology Week opened today, making it the first of global tech event to be hosted in person, showcasing the diversity of the global technology industry, hosting over 1,200 exhibitors, including over 300 startups from over 60 countries. In a daily update, we will select some of the key highlights and stories that have caught our eye at the show.

The 40th edition of GITEX Technology Week, the only major technology event to go live in 2020, brought back in-person conferences, which saw artificial intelligence and cybersecurity experts shed light on issues including the ethical governance and associated bias with AI.

On Day one of GITEX highlighted the ‘Safest Cyberspace in the World’ initiative by the Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC), while H.E. Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al-Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security, UAE Government, discussed the importance of AI ‘resilience’ during the pandemic.

Traditional cyber threats, coupled with challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, have compelled organisations to look ahead and build resilient systems and processes that can better withstand future pandemics.

At GISEC, the region’s leading cybersecurity conference, hosted under GITEX, H.E. Dr. Mohamed Hamad Al-Kuwaiti, Head of Cyber Security, UAE Government, discussed the cyber threat landscape, and how the UAE government is leveraging AI to build a more resilient post-pandemic world.

IBM, Smart Dubai tackle AI bias

AI was meant to solve one of the biggest problems of our society - the problem of bias. However, when algorithms fed into computers and systems are trained on faulty, biased data they are bound to make mistakes, negatively impacting and influencing human experiences and decision-making.

Dr. Seth Dobrin, Chief Data Officer IBM Cloud and Cognitive Software, Vice President and Chief Data Officer, IBM Analytics, IBM, was joined by H.E. Younus Al Nasser, Assistant Director General, Smart Dubai & CEO, Dubai Data Establishment, to discuss the issue on stage.

Throughout his career, Dr. Dobrin has generated value across a range of industries by applying data and AI ethically, and is currently responsible for the digital transformation of cloud and cognitive software operations using data and analytics.

Dubai Internet City pavilion highlights tech ecosystem’s role in recovery

The Dubai Internet City pavilion will feature a series of immersive experiences at its pavilion alongside its business partners Anghami, Zoom, HTC Vive; students from the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation; and a selection of startups from in5, an platform for tech, media and design entrepreneurs.

At GITEX 2020, according to Ammar Al Malik, Managing Director of Dubai Internet City, DIC will take visitors on a journey that blends the achievements of its business partners and startups during the COVID-19 pandemic. As industry gets moving again and technological transformation accelerates exponentially, Dubai Internet City is committed to helping businesses contribute to the UAE’s vision for a sustainable knowledge-based economy.

Etisalat presents a digital future at GITEX Technology Week

Etisalat is highlighting a new era of communication in the region and globally encompassing 5G solutions and technologies enabling connectivity solutions for the future. Visitors to the show experienced the future of mobility, retail, healthcare and use of technologies like robotics, AI, virtual reality, analytics across these verticals with a profound and positive impact on the different segments of the society.

In ‘Future Transport’ Etisalat shared the possibilities in future mobility with 5G connectivity in commercial and regional as well as inter-regional aerial transport. There are innovations from leading global technology leaders like Hyundai’s Uber Taxi to private autonomous all-electric human carrying Aircar also showcasing industry stalwarts like BMW’s futuristic concept in mobility.

Healthcare and assistive technologies on the stand provide insights on how technology can transform this sector with cloud, IoT, M2M, AI, blockchain and state-of-the-art connectivity including 5G, with innovative and cutting-edge healthcare solutions from all around the globe. Autonomous and visual technologies for the differently-abled, frictionless retail solutions for the smart pharmacy store and 3D medically approved technologies make a presence on the stand.

The other showcases that are a standout this year are mainly robotics with humanoids Jen and Adran interacting with visitors, future of e-learning during COVID times, smart retail highlighting checkout solutions, F&B section, connected fashion and a retail dashboard. Smart Home also makes a presence with LG’s ThinQ technology and Tonal Gym. For business and industry solutions highlight how enterprises can improve efficiency while working from home at the same time remaining connected.

The stand showcases how digital technologies and solutions in the future, enabled by Etisalat’s robust network, that will work in tandem with the customers’ ever-evolving lifestyle and the needs of corporate industries, including businesses, transportation, healthcare, education and many more.

In line with Etisalat's theme this year, the company launched a daily #EtisalatAtGITEX Live, a virtual channel where visitors can explore all the digital innovations on the stand from the comfort of their homes or offices, hear from all the experts at Etisalat and get a first-hand experience of the technologies reshaping key industries - keeping the conversation uninterrupted with its network of partners, clients and key stakeholders across the globe.

The key segments the channel will highlight include The future of mobility, Etisalat’s government partnerships, The future of Retail, Cybersecurity, IoT and Cloud Computing, Future of Healthcare and a focus on Etisalat’s key partners. The channel will run new segments every day of GITEX.

Dubai CommerCity announces Magento and Redbox partnerships

Dubai CommerCity, the dedicated e-commerce free zone in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA) region, has signed partnership agreements with Magento Commerce, Adobe Inc, and Redbox Digital, to offer ‘E-Commerce as-a-Service’. The partnership announcement came during the 40th GITEX Technology Week, where the free zone is demonstrating the growing opportunities available to e-commerce companies within the MENASA region and highlighting how it is boosting the growth of the regional e-commerce industry through strategic collaborations.

The collaboration with Magento, Adobe and Redbox will provide Dubai CommerCity customers with tailored access to e-commerce solutions and services that will enhance digital experiences and brand growth.