Future-Proofing Connectivity: etisalat by e&'s White Paper Reveals 5G-Advanced Deployment
Mokshita P.
10X Technology

Future-Proofing Connectivity: etisalat by e&'s White Paper Reveals 5G-Advanced Deployment

Leading the Charge with 13.2 Gbps Speed, etisalat by e& Highlights Commitment to 5G-Advanced and Global Standards, Showcasing Technological Excellence and Sustainability Initiatives in White Paper.

Etisalat by E& unveiled a comprehensive white paper, detailing the rapid evolution of 5G networks and solidifying the UAE' position at the forefront of wireless communication technology. The document underscores Etisalat by E&'s role in the country's seamless transition to 5G-Advanced, firmly anchored in adherence to global standards.

Highlighting the company's milestones, the white paper accentuates Etisalat by E&'s proactive stance in embracing technologies. Noteworthy achievements include the successful launch of 5G Non-Standalone in 2019 and the subsequent announcement of 5G Standalone readiness in 2021, underscoring the company's commitment to staying ahead in the technological curve.

Emphasising its dedication to advancing connectivity, Etisalat by E& has pioneered breakthroughs such as Voice over New Radio and network slicing. The company's foray into 5G SA for Fixed Wireless Access and smartphones aims to deliver high-quality, reliable, and swift connectivity to both consumers and businesses alike.

Khalid Murshed, the Chief Technology and Information Officer at Etisalat by E&, expressed pride in the launch of the white paper, characterising it as a testament to the company's commitment to technological excellence and leadership in 5G technology advancement within the UAE. Murshed remarked, "It reflects our proactive approach to adopting advanced technologies and our dedication to pioneering innovation."

A recent demonstration at GITEX 2023 showcased Etisalat by E& achieving the fastest 5G SA speed of 13.2 Gbps, solidifying the UAE's reputation as a global leader in mobile speed. The white paper also addresses the company's initiatives in sustainability, with a particular focus on energy efficiency to accommodate the anticipated 10x traffic growth.

The document outlines Etisalat by E&'s offerings for both consumers and businesses, showcasing the company's commitment to evolving alongside global technology standards. With a clear eye on the future, the white paper outlines the company's readiness for the next phase of connectivity through 5G-Advanced deployment aligned with Third Generation Partnership Project standards. The 3GPP, a global collaboration shaping mobile telecommunications standards, plays important role in the ongoing development of 5G technology.