First NFT Digital Islamic Art Agency launched in the Middle East
Mita Srinivasan
10X Technology

First NFT Digital Islamic Art Agency launched in the Middle East

Behnoode Art will provide innovative and effective solutions for regional artists to showcase their talents, increase sales, as well as modernize their art in digital space

Dubai-based Behnood Javaherpour, Founder of Behnoode Foundation and luxury fashion brand BEHNOODE, has announced plans to open the first Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Digital Islamic Art Agency, Behnoode Art. The new art agency aims to modernize the artworks of talented Middle Eastern artists and sell its unique digital footprints through live auctions to fine art collectors worldwide.

The Behnoode Art Digital Islamic Art Agency plans to put the Islamic and Middle Eastern artworks and artists at the forefront and celebrate the region’s rich arts and culture in the modern world as well as accommodating the fast responses to fit into the modern art world.

According to Javaherpour, the digital art market offers a host of benefits - democratization, since anyone can access it via a screen; secure ownership recorded on the blockchain; more transparency; speedier payment to the artists as well as royalties paid on resale.

He added, “One of the key benefits of digital art is it allows direct contact with buyers, bypassing the traditional gatekeepers. Additionally, digital art isn’t created, shipped and so on, so it’s also saving the planet. Under this agency, we are going to help artists understand the whole process of modernizing the artworks through NFT. Our team will prepare and guide each of them on successfully utilizing this new platform.”

In a statement issued by Javaherpour, the agency is currently working and finalizing its affiliations with several Islamic banks and financial institutions operating in the region, including investment companies to further create a community that values fine art while integrating modern technology.

The first-ever NFT digital fine art auction under Behnoode Art is set to launch this May and will include contemporary artworks that juxtaposes ephemerality with permanence. Each piece is unique and there will only be one piece created for each artwork from local and Islamic artists in the Middle East region.