Emirates & Huawei: Next-Level Travel Tech Team-Up?
Mokshita P.
10X Technology

Emirates & Huawei: Next-Level Travel Tech Team-Up?

The collaborations aim to enhance booking, rewards, and digital accessibility for travellers. Joint campaigns promise seamless experiences, bolstering Emirates' commitment to customer satisfaction.

So, there are some exciting partnerships announced at the Arabian Travel Market!

First up, Emirates teaming up with Expedia Group to make booking Emirates flights even easier. This means you'll have more options and services available when you book through Expedia. Plus, they'll be running joint marketing campaigns to give travellers the best experience possible.

Then there's Tap Payments. Emirates is joining forces with them to expand their Business Rewards program. This partnership will make it simpler for small and medium-sized businesses to earn rewards points and use them for travel benefits.

Last but not least, Emirates is strengthening its ties with Huawei. They've been working together since 2020 to make the Emirates app more accessible to Huawei users. Now, they're taking it a step further with sales campaigns in China and more seamless access to Emirates' digital solutions through Huawei devices.

Overall, these partnerships are all about making the Emirates experience even better for travellers like us. Whether you're booking a flight, earning rewards, or accessing the latest travel tech, they have got you covered!