Dr. Saleh Fares Al Ali Unveils the Future of Disaster Medicine at Public Health Conference
Mokshita P.
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Dr. Saleh Fares Al Ali Unveils the Future of Disaster Medicine at Public Health Conference

At Arab Health 2024, experts emphasised technology's role in disaster management. Telehealth, AI, and telematics are transforming response systems. Innov8 and Cre8 competitions spotlight health-tech startups and student innovations.

Health crisis and disaster management expert, Dr. Saleh Fares Al Ali, Consultant of Emergency Medicine, EMS, and Disaster Medicine at the Department of Health Abu Dhabi, emphasised the important role of technology in disaster medicine during a keynote address at the Arab Health 2024 Conference.

Speaking at the Public Health Conference on emerging trends in health crisis and disaster, Dr. Al Ali highlighted the comprehensive nature of disaster management, stating that it encompasses pre-hospital care, hospital services, and enabling services such as laboratories, training programs, and poison centres. Emphasizing the importance of a robust governance framework, well-defined standards, and policies, Dr. Al Ali underscored the need for an efficient operation centre to connect all elements seamlessly.

Key among the trends discussed by Dr. Al Ali was the transformative role of technology, including artificial intelligence, tele-health, digital transformation, and telematics. AI, he noted, enhances medical diagnosis and triage by swiftly and accurately analysing patient data, predicting outcomes, and providing treatment recommendations. AI-driven chatbots offer real-time medical guidance to first responders.

Telehealth technologies were highlighted for their ability to enhance access to medical expertise, facilitate remote consultations between prehospital providers and physicians, and optimise resource allocation. The use of digital twins in advanced data insights allows virtual replicas of entities like emergency departments, aiding crisis management and employing predictive analytics to proactively mobilise resources.

Telematics systems in ambulances, utilising 5G connectivity, were discussed for their contribution to real-time tracking of location, speed, and status, ultimately enhancing response times and route optimisation. Dr. Al Ali highlighted a prototype collaboration between the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi and Etisalat, where ultrasound images will be transferred to hospitals through this innovative technology.

Meanwhile, at the Arab Health 2024 conference, Dubai Health, the first integrated academic health system in Dubai, presented a comprehensive overview of Dubai's first integrated academic health system model. H.E. Dr. Amer Sharif, CEO of Dubai Health, emphasised their commitment to patient-centred care, shaping the present healthcare landscape, and laying the foundation for the future.