Google launches confidential mode for G Suite users
Priya Wadhwa
10X Technology

Google launches confidential mode for G Suite users

You'll need admin approval, of course.

On June 25th, Google will introduce its confidential mode for G Suite users. This mode will be set as default, but can be restricted by the admin account.

Google introduced this service for personal account holders in Gmail’s mid-2018 redesign. However, the feature hasn’t quite caught on yet.

It can come in handy if you wish to send messaging containing sensitive information. The mode allows senders to set expiration dates for messages (after which the recipient will no longer be able to download the email, forward it, or copy its contents).

The sender can also revoke access at any point and add another security layer by which recipients will need to enter a SMS-delivered code to open the email.

This could come as a much-anticipated feature in the business domain. However, given that the majority of G Suite users are SMEs and startups, it may foster doubt and distrust. In a world where employees are asking for more transparency and trust, this feature could do more harm if used internally.

Having said that, it also gives business owners the control over the information they share with others. Read more about this confidential mode here.