Auto-tech startup, Odiggo, expands to Dubai
Mita Srinivasan
10X Technology

Auto-tech startup, Odiggo, expands to Dubai

New startup taps into auto parts and accessories manufacturing industry currently valued at US$2 trillion

Car service specialist, Odiggo, has launched in Dubai with the intention of becoming the ‘leading Autotech company in the Middle East and Africa’. The automotive tech app that has seen success in Egypt and KSA since its inception in 2019 is spearheaded by two young homegrown entrepreneurs, Ahmed Omar and Ahmed Nasser.

Odiggo is set to tap into the auto parts and accessories manufacturing industry that is one of the top 10 industries in the world and valued at US$2 trillion with an estimated $61 billion market in Middle East and Africa alone, according to a statement from Odiggo. The company specifically looks at autonomous software, driving data, fleet telematics and vehicle-to-vehicle communication in order to find the best quality car parts with the lowest prices possible. The business as a whole, has experienced over ten times growth in the last year and this trend is set to continue in Dubai.

Odiggo provides a one-stop-shop for everything car-related. Their easy to use online platform conveniently links car owners to dealerships to present the customer with options and the best prices in the market. This allows customers to access quick, easy and affordable service at the touch of a button. Odiggo launches in UAE with not only its existing platform but with a new piece of technology that is set to be a gamechanger when it comes to car repairs and maintenance with their deep tech dashboard product.

“We’re changing lives (and cars) through technology,” said Ahmed Omar, CEO and Co-founder of Odiggo. “The innovative new Deep Tech dashboard software will link the vehicle to the marketplace and provide frequent updates of the vehicle’s condition so the user can be informed if the tyres are low, the oil needs changing or if a service is required.”

Odiggo is run by a talented global team who have worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, including FIFA, Hyundai, Jumia,Reckitt Benckiser, EY, Deloitte and Mckinsey.

Finding a car part has never been so straightforward. Odiggo’s services are expected to make a huge impact on the UAE market and their plan for the coming years is to scale the convenience experience all around the world.