Will VGLNT Transform How We Verify Online Information?
Mokshita P.
Artificial Intelligence

Will VGLNT Transform How We Verify Online Information?

It aims to combat misinformation by enabling users to verify online content, addressing the challenge posed by rapidly spreading false news and AI-generated content.

Hey, have you heard about the latest breakthrough in the fight against misinformation? There's this new tool called VGLNT, which is an AI-powered, real-time fact-checking tool that you can use right on your phone. It's pretty amazing because it's the first of its kind and shows how serious the region is about tackling the global issue of misinformation.

With social media and AI on the rise, misinformation has turned into a billion-dollar problem. It's really tough for people to figure out what's real, what's fake, and what's generated by AI. But VGLNT aims to change that. It helps users verify and validate the information they come across online, making it easier to uncover the truth. Considering that about 300 million terabytes of data are shared online every day, sorting out the truth from the lies has never been harder.

According to a recent report by Strategy& Middle East and Google News, 68 percent of people in the Middle East and North Africa now get their news primarily from social media, with 90 percent of them using mobile devices to access it. Another study from MIT found that false news spreads six times faster than true news on social media. This rapid spread of misinformation is really shaping public opinion, from elections to public health decisions. The dominance of AI-generated content and the habit of sharing without checking for accuracy only make things worse.

Mohammad Abu Sheikh, an investor in VGLNT, said that with this tool, we're entering a new era of media accuracy. The tool empowers users to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, ensuring they get accurate and reliable information.

VGLNT is designed to be user-friendly and highly accessible. To use it, you sign up on their website, and once you're accepted, you can integrate the app into your online activities. It uses advanced technology, including a VPN running in the background, to provide real-time validation and a validity ranking for the content you encounter.

Abu Sheikh also mentioned that by encouraging a culture of fact-checking and critical evaluation, VGLNT aims to drive positive change in the digital media world. With AI creating very convincing misrepresentations that can easily shape opinions, having advanced fact-checking tools like this is more crucial than ever. Deepfakes can be so realistic that even experts struggle to spot them, highlighting the urgent need for something like VGLNT.