Will Omar Othman's Arrival Propel Webidoo's MEA Expansion?
Mokshita P.
Artificial Intelligence

Will Omar Othman's Arrival Propel Webidoo's MEA Expansion?

Omar Othman joins Webidoo as Head of Client Servicing and Global Media Factory. His expertise aims to revolutionise marketing strategies in the Middle East and Africa, leveraging AI innovations.

Hey, have you heard the latest news from Webidoo? They've made an announcement about Omar Othman joining their team! He's taking on two important roles: Head of Client Servicing for the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region, and he'll still be the Head of Global Media Factory.

What's cool is that Omar's going to be key in spreading Webidoo's influence in the MEA region by using AI marketing solutions to help both big multinational brands and smaller businesses. He's got a ton of experience in this field, having worked with big names like Breguet, Omega, and British Airways. Plus, he's really good at using data to make marketing campaigns super effective.

Ketaki Banga, the CEO and Co-founder of Webidoo MEA, seems really excited about Omar joining the team. She says his passion for using innovation to change how customers interact with businesses lines up perfectly with Webidoo's mission.

Omar will be working on some cool projects at Webidoo, like their AI-powered content and media factories for big global marketing campaigns, as well as their tools for smaller businesses, like Jooice, which is a user-friendly AI tool for all their marketing needs.

Omar himself is pretty pumped about joining Webidoo. He thinks AI is going to totally change the game in the Middle East and Africa, and he's ready to be a part of it. Plus, he's got a solid background in the industry, having worked with big agencies like BPG and MEC.

So yeah, Omar's bringing a lot to the table at Webidoo, and it sounds like they're thrilled to have him on board!