Upgrading Brand Connections: Ogilvy One's Global Leadership Shift
Mokshita P.
Artificial Intelligence

Upgrading Brand Connections: Ogilvy One's Global Leadership Shift

Memac Ogilvy introduces Ogilvy One, led by Kent Wertime, offering data-led, AI-powered services to create enduring brand-consumer relationships. Enhanced by creativity, it aims to improve customer experiences.

Memac Ogilvy, has unveiled its latest initiative with the introduction of Ogilvy One. This new venture aims to improve customer experience and relationship management through a fusion of creativity, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Kent Wertime, an executive within the Ogilvy network, has been appointed as the Global CEO of Ogilvy One. Joining him in key leadership roles are Clare Lawson, who will oversee operations in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa as Chief Client Officer, and Hazem El Zayat, appointed as the Chief Experience Officer for the MENA region.

Ogilvy One's mission is to craft lasting and valuable relationships between brands and consumers through innovative design strategies. Drawing upon a deep understanding of brands and consumers, Ogilvy One offers a suite of services including Customer Acquisition, Service Design, Continuous Commerce, and CRM & Loyalty.

The foundation of Ogilvy One's operations rests upon a global technology infrastructure provided by Verticurl, a marketing technology services agency acquired by Ogilvy in 2013. With approximately 3,800 specialists worldwide, Ogilvy One boasts expertise spanning strategy, creative and design, data analytics, media and performance, and AI technology.

Notable clients already benefiting from Ogilvy One's services include globally recognised brands such as IBM, Mondelēz, Nestlé, Unilever, The Coca-Cola Company, and Verizon, among others. In the MENA region, Ogilvy One collaborates with esteemed partners such as Aldar Properties, The Central Bank of the UAE, and American Express, leading impactful and innovative solutions meant to regional markets.

Devika Bulchandani, Global CEO of Ogilvy, expressed the agency's commitment to delivering personalised marketing solutions that resonate with individual consumers. She emphasised Ogilvy One's dedication to boosting enduring value exchanges between consumers and client brands.

Ghassan Maraqa, CEO of Memac Ogilvy, underscored the importance of Ogilvy One's launch in addressing the changing needs of clients in the MENA region. He highlighted the agency's unique ability to leverage data-driven insights and technology to create impactful and relevant brand experiences.

Hazam El Zayat, Chief Experience Officer MENA, emphasised Ogilvy One's role in leading experiences tailored to the landscape of the MENA region. He emphasised the agency's commitment to harnessing the power of creativity, data, and technology to deliver value at the intersection of brand, business, and consumer engagement.

With its approach to customer experience and relationship management, Ogilvy One is ready to change the paradigm of marketing in an era characterised by rapid technological advancements and changing consumer preferences.