ImpactGulf Introduces G4Green Platform with AI and Blockchain Innovations
Mokshita P.
Artificial Intelligence

ImpactGulf Introduces G4Green Platform with AI and Blockchain Innovations

ImpactGulf introduces G4Green, utilising AI and blockchain to enhance ESG transparency, engage stakeholders, and expedite sustainable practices across organisations, aligning with global sustainability initiatives.

ImpactGulf, a sustainability tech solutions provider, unveiled G4Green, a green engagement platform that leverages AI and blockchain technology to enhance transparency in the ESG space. G4Green aims to connect relevant stakeholders, a collaborative environment and expediting the adoption of sustainable practices within supply chains.

G4Green offers a solution for large organisations, government agencies, and global institutions to unite their extensive network of suppliers, partners, members, or portfolio companies based on ethical principles. The platform streamlined onboarding processes, real-time monitoring, and proactive management of sustainability performance. Additionally, G4Green implements incentive tools to the ESG journey for all involved entities.

The platform serves as an internal database and green navigator, allowing organisations to map ESG factors beyond their direct control, ensuring accountability for sustainable practices. With a holistic view of stakeholders' green performance, organisations can actively engage suppliers in green initiatives, assist in setting sustainability goals, and facilitate the upload of Corporate Social Responsibility, ESG, and carbon accounting reports.

Yassin Nasri, Founder & CEO of ImpactGulf, expressed the platform's significance, stating, "G4Green represents a significant milestone in our ongoing commitment to driving positive environmental change and building capacities in the sustainability space. By providing organisations with the tools and resources to streamline their sustainability efforts, we aim for a broader shift towards greener business practices."

Nasri further emphasised the platform's role in avoiding greenwashing, utilising AI to detect false sustainability claims from organisations and their partners. G4Green even scans social media posts for potential sustainability claim violations before publication, ensuring authenticity in environmental commitments.

The platform, positioned as an enterprise solution, facilitates the identification of sustainable products, services, partners, and suppliers. G4Green aids in initiating green procurement and building a sustainable supply chain, addressing key ESG risks and promoting responsible business practices.

Vidunas Gedeikis, CTO at ImpactGulf, highlighted the platform's adaptability, stating, "Depending on individual needs, our platform is able to adapt to clients' own ESG and partner engagement metrics, and integrate advanced technologies, including AI-driven data analytics and blockchain-enabled traceability, to ensure the integrity and reliability of sustainability initiatives."

ImpactGulf, a signatory to the UAE Climate-Responsible Companies Pledge, a participant in the United Nations Global Compact, and an approved member of the Greentech Alliance, positions G4Green as a technological advancement contributing to the UAE's commitment to sustainability, especially during the declared "Year of Sustainability" by His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan. The platform was also selected by Shell Middle East and StartUpbootcamp for Shell StartUp Engine UAE 2022, showcasing its recognition and relevance in the global sustainability landscape.