How you can incorporate AI in your business
Priya Wadhwa
Artificial Intelligence

How you can incorporate AI in your business

Time to get back to the drawing board.

Artificial Intelligence is one of those technological advancements for which the possibilities seem endless – from logistics to customer management and Netflix’s recommended series, there are a lot of potential applications for the exciting technology.

Accenture’s CTIO Paul Daugherty describes AI as the fastest industry that he has ever experienced. However, due to the wide range of applications that the technology has, it is not always clear how, when, and why to use it. Should you look to implement it, and if so, where do you start?

Paul Daugherty, author of best-selling book Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI seeks to answer these questions as part of Harvard Business Review’s podcast, hosted by Azeem Azhar.

He says without having data at the heart of your technology, you wont be able to access AI's full potential. Your success with AI comes down to your data competency as well as business and industry competency

Several topics are discussed about the technology, including how critical it is to have data at the heart of your business. In other words, can you even use artificial intelligence effectively if you do not utilise the data network effect? Learn more about this, and many other questions that you might have about the applications of artificial intelligence in your business, here.