Future-Proofing Dubai: DGHR-OECD Webinars on AI, Skills, and Trade
Mokshita P.
Artificial Intelligence

Future-Proofing Dubai: DGHR-OECD Webinars on AI, Skills, and Trade

DGHR partners with OECD to host webinars on predicting job skills, improving workforce training, gender balance, and AI impact on jobs. Future sessions aim for continuous learning and global competitiveness.

The Dubai Government Human Resources Department, or DGHR, joined hands with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, the OECD, to host a bunch of webinars. These online sessions were all about sharing smart strategies and ideas to boost economic growth and make global trade better.

The webinars covered a bunch of topics like using data to predict future job skills, making sure jobs in the future are good quality, how to train government workers better, promoting gender balance at work, and exploring how artificial intelligence affects jobs.

His Excellency Abdullah Ali Bin Zayed Al-Falasi, who runs the DGHR, was really excited about this partnership. He mentioned how teaming up with the OECD, which has tons of experience, will help Dubai get better at managing its workforce and become more competitive globally.

The webinars weren't just for show. They brought in big shots from top economies to share their wisdom. Abdullah Ali Bin Zayed Al-Falasi pointed out that these sessions were not only beneficial for businesses but also for SMEs and anyone interested in the economy and trade.

The DGHR's Director of Policy and Program Support, Iman Saleh Bin Khatam, kicked off one of the webinars about gender balance at work. She talked about the UAE's efforts in this area and how it affects workplace rules. The webinar also had discussions about fair pay, equal opportunities, and how to advance in your career regardless of gender.

Iman Saleh Bin Khatam explained how these webinars are more than just talks. They're crucial for understanding what's happening in the economy, especially regarding trade and jobs. She also highlighted how they help the DGHR improve its services and make sure everyone has equal opportunities at work.

The OECD also chimed in during the gender balance webinar, giving an overview of what member countries are doing to promote equality at work. They covered things like parental leave, childcare, and making sure everyone gets paid fairly.

Looking ahead, the DGHR plans to organise more webinars on different topics with the OECD's help. It's all about learning, sharing ideas, and making things better for everyone.