From Silicon Valley to the Middle East: Webidoo's AI Journey
Mokshita P.
Artificial Intelligence

From Silicon Valley to the Middle East: Webidoo's AI Journey

It aims to revolutionise regional economies. Strategic partnerships, innovative tools, and strong backing signify significant potential.

There's this company called Webidoo, and they're all about using AI to help businesses grow and thrive in the digital world. They've set up their base in the Middle East and Africa at the DIFC Innovation Hub, which is a big deal because it's a hotbed for innovation.

The folks at Webidoo are really passionate about how AI can supercharge economies and create new jobs. They see it as a game-changer, much like the internet was back in the day. But they get that all this rapid change can be overwhelming, so they're here to guide businesses through it and help them grow confidently.

What's cool is that Webidoo isn't just about talking the talk. They're deeply connected with top-notch research institutions and universities. They have their own AI Lab where they cook up innovative solutions for big brands and agencies. Plus, they've got this unique approach called "mid-sourcing," which basically means they use AI to handle large-scale marketing tasks efficiently.

For small and medium businesses, they've got tools like Jooice, which is an AI-powered platform to handle all sorts of marketing stuff, from advertising to managing online reviews. And they've got another tool called WebiExport that helps SMEs expand internationally by connecting them with big online marketplaces.

Now, the DIFC Innovation Hub CEO is pretty excited about Webidoo coming on board. They see Webidoo's expertise in AI and Web 3 technologies as a huge asset to their ecosystem. They're planning to team up for joint initiatives and knowledge sharing to boost AI adoption in marketing and growth across various sectors.

And Webidoo isn't just going it alone. They've got some heavy hitters backing them up, like Banca Generali and TIM Ventures. Plus, their advisory board includes some big names from the worlds of tech, finance, and academia.

Overall, Webidoo's move to the Middle East is a big step, and they're ready to dive into the region's innovation scene headfirst. They're keen on forming strong partnerships with local businesses to push forward the AI agenda in the region.