Can MalyGPT Revolutionise Your Financial Future?
Mokshita P.
Artificial Intelligence

Can MalyGPT Revolutionise Your Financial Future?

It offers personalised financial advice and innovative features like Gen-AI card design, aiming to revolutionise financial wellness in the Middle East.

Maly, an innovative FinAI startup based in Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC), has just launched MalyGPT, which is the first Generative AI Financial Assistant in the MENA region. This groundbreaking tool analyses users' spending habits, financial activities, and income to provide personalised financial advice and help them achieve their saving goals. It's designed to empower consumers with a suite of financial wellness tools, making it easier to make informed decisions about spending and financial targets.

The platform, including its new features, is developed entirely by Maly's in-house tech and product team, showcasing their commitment to innovation in financial technology. MalyGPT also introduces the Gen-AI card designer, allowing users to create personalised artwork for their Maly cards, enhancing their interactive experience.

In the broader context, artificial intelligence's potential impact in the Middle East is significant, with projections indicating it could reach US$320 billion by 2030. This growth is expected to be led by countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia, underscoring the region's embrace of AI technologies.

Maly focuses on five key areas of financial wellness: saving, debt management, spending management, security, and investing. By addressing these areas, the app helps users achieve their financial goals and facilitates effective monetary planning for a prosperous future.