Can High-Tech Eco Restoration Save the Planet?
Mokshita P.
Artificial Intelligence

Can High-Tech Eco Restoration Save the Planet?

It aims to expand globally with its AI-driven RestorationOSTM platform, combating climate change and biodiversity loss.

Dendra Systems, based in Oxford, are ecological restoration. They use fancy technology to help restore ecosystems all around the world. And guess what? They just got a big bag of money - US$15.76 million to be exact - in their Series B funding round.

Now, who's giving them all this cash? Well, it's led by Zouk Capital, an investor in climate tech. And joining them is Aramco Ventures, a new investor, along with some others like Airbus Ventures and Understorey Capital.

Dendra's been at it since 2014, and they've got 87 smart folks working across the UK, Australia, UAE, and the US. What do they do? They've got this cool solution called RestorationOSTM. It's like a one-stop-shop for restoring nature, using high-tech stuff like drones and AI.

Their mission is to tackle big environmental problems, and they're already working with some heavy hitters like Rio Tinto, Glencore, and BHP, helping them meet their green goals. Right now, they're managing over 70,000 hectares of land, restoring everything from mining sites to mangroves.

So, what's the plan with all this money? Well, they're gonna expand into new places and keep making their AI platform even better. Because let's face it, with climate change knocking at our door, we need all the help we can get to restore our planet.

Dr. Susan Graham, the CEO, is thrilled about the support from these investors. She says this funding is gonna help them bring their tech to even more ecosystems, reversing biodiversity loss and fighting climate change.

And you know what's cool? Even the investors are excited. John Higelin from Zouk Capital thinks Dendra's on the right track, and he's happy to lead this funding round.

Bruce Niven from Aramco Ventures is pumped too. He sees Dendra's tech as a game-changer for biodiversity and forestry, and he's all in for scaling up nature-based solutions.

So yeah, Dendra's got plans, and with this cash infusion, they're ready to take on the world - or should I say, save the world, one ecosystem at a time!