Can AI Transform the Future of Aviation?
Mokshita P.
Artificial Intelligence

Can AI Transform the Future of Aviation?

AI innovations are transforming key sectors globally, with advancements in diagnostics, operational efficiency, food security, personalised learning, and sustainable energy solutions leading the way.

How AI is revolutionising various industries around the world.

Healthcare: AI is set to have a massive impact on healthcare. For instance, the university here is involved in over 20 health-related research projects, collaborating with partners like Malaria No More and Abu Dhabi Health Co. They've even launched the Institute of Digital Public Health to drive AI advancements and position the UAE as a leader in AI and life sciences. AI is transforming healthcare by streamlining admin tasks, improving diagnostics, and personalising patient care. Machine learning tools are particularly powerful, analysing vast amounts of medical data to identify patterns and predict diseases, leading to earlier detection and more effective treatments. Recently, MBZUAI partnered with The Department of Health – Abu Dhabi and Core42 to launch the Global AI Healthcare Academy, aimed at training and upskilling the Emirates' healthcare workforce in AI.

Aviation: In aviation, AI is optimising operations, improving safety, and enhancing the passenger experience. Airlines are using AI to predict maintenance needs, optimise aircraft use, and reduce delays. MBZUAI and Etihad Airways have signed a MoU to explore how AI can transform key aspects of aviation. They plan to establish joint training programs and research opportunities. Etihad Airways also partnered in launching Jais, the world’s most advanced Arabic large language model.

Agriculture: AI is also making waves in agriculture by increasing crop yields, enhancing food security, and optimising resources. AI-powered drones can monitor crops for diseases and nutrient deficiencies, enabling targeted interventions. Machine learning can analyse weather patterns and soil data to support precision farming. MBZUAI is collaborating with Silal, an agri-food company in Abu Dhabi, to bring AI innovation to agriculture. They're working on creating a joint AI Center of Excellence to boost the UAE's food production and promote sustainable practices.

Education: AI is reshaping education by personalising learning experiences, automating administrative tasks, and creating new types of learning. Adaptive learning platforms use AI to tailor curriculum to each student’s needs, while virtual tutors provide instant assistance. MBZUAI’s Metaverse Center is researching AI-enabled metaverse solutions to help children in remote areas attend school virtually in immersive 3D environments. They're also looking into creating bespoke avatars and 3D content for education.

Energy: In the energy sector, AI is optimising operations, increasing efficiency, and promoting sustainability. AI does consume a lot of power, but MBZUAI is pioneering sustainable AI solutions. They've developed the AI Operating System to reduce energy, time, and talent costs of AI computing. AIOS makes AI models smaller, faster, and more efficient, cutting down on expensive hardware needs and speeding up operations. Additionally, researchers are working on smart grids using AI to monitor and manage energy distribution in real-time. They're applying federated learning to enhance energy grid efficiency while preserving data privacy.

So, across these sectors—healthcare, aviation, agriculture, education, and energy—AI is driving significant advancements and transforming the way things are done.