An application of AI you probably didn't know about
Priya Wadhwa
Artificial Intelligence

An application of AI you probably didn't know about

Hollywood uses AI to predict the success of its movies.

There was a time when creativity was revered, and the glamour of Hollywood shined through its talent. Some movies did extremely well, while others flopped, losing money and reputation of those who worked in them.

As we’re entering the age of artificial intelligence, Hollywood is smartly using artificial intelligence to decide on whom to cast as well as estimate how much a movie will make.

It seems so easy to use a software that could predict this, any man could become the next Hollywood producer. But there is a case to be made for talent, creativity and wowing the audience with a new, unlike anything ever before, story and cinematic experience.

AI can crunch data, but cannot predict how something new, or something that copies past success stories, will be received by the audience. Not to forget that the amazement and love for creativity and cinema will be reduced to a decision made by a machine. Even if AI's decisions do make money, it won't necessarily earn the producers the reputation for recognising talent and a good story.

AI could be very beneficial to calculate and decide upon financial decisions of the movie, to stay within budget. However, because creativity is subjective, AI is not in the right place to help producers decide which movies to make. Read more about Hollywood using AI here.