Are chatbots the future of customer service?
Rushika Bhatia
10X Technology

Are chatbots the future of customer service?

As customers, we seek instant gratification from the products and services we consume. Keeping this in mind, chatbots have made their way in the customer service industry, so users can benefit from enhanced consumer experience.

In the year 1950, mathematician Alan Turing posed an interesting question: "Can machines think?" To find out the solution to this, the mathematician chalked out a hypothetical test. The test required an interrogator to be able to distinguish between a computer and another human. Apply the same logic when you converse with a chatbot.

When a customer is seeking a resolution to his or her grievance, monosyllabic replies will hardly help. A chatbot must be pre-trained to accurately respond to the customer's queries.

The facility of a chatbot helps rule out the concept of holding the phone for hours together or waiting in long queues to file a complaint. In this case, you have someone at your disposal 24x7.

An efficient chatbot will be able to determine if you are a first-time user or a new one by referring to your history with the product or service. This makes for easy and seamless chats.

Ideally, a chatbot should be able to understand when to transfer the communication to a live/human agent, most likely in the case of an unexpected situation. Chatbots and live agents make for a dream team if paired wisely.

That chatbots are always available is known. However, matters are usually resolved quicker in the case of a bot. In the case of a human agent, there are chances the issue could be stretched over days or weeks. What's worse, you may realise that each time you are chatting or talking to a different person who may not have the same information that the previous one had.

When quick service is coupled with immediate availability, the result is a stress-free experience. No consumer wants to bear the brunt of an inefficient service provider.