10 Generative AI Tools to unlock productivity 
Pratiksha Rastogi
10X Technology

10 Generative AI Tools to unlock productivity 

We delve into the top ten AI tools designed to help you automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, increase efficiency and productivity, and streamline workflows.

Move aside ChatGPT, here are the top ten AI tools designed to help you automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, increase efficiency and productivity, and streamline workflows.

1. Avoma 3.0 - AI meeting assistant 

We are living in a world where conversations and meetings happen virtually more than ever. And, it can be quite tedious to keep track of all the meeting agendas and take notes. This is where Avoma 3.0 comes in handy. You get human-like meeting notes generated 100% by AI and not only that, it provides you with recordings, transcripts in 20+ languages, and summarised insights from the meeting. This tool can potentially change the way you work for the better, and the best part, there’s no fee! Click here to try this brilliant AI innovation. 

2. Krisp.ai 

Krisp improves the productivity of online meetings with its AI-powered Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant. To state it in simpler terms, it eliminates all the unnecessary background noise from your meetings with a single click. So now you don’t have to run from one cabin to another to find a quiet place so that you can take the meeting in peace. And as claimed by them on their website, this tool will be free forever and with no hidden charges. 

3. Durable.co

Just a couple of years back, if someone told you that they can build a website for your business in 30 seconds, you would be shocked, to say the least. But that is not the case anymore! With Durable.co you can build your own website in 30 seconds. Recommended by reputable sources such as BNN Bloomberg, Small Business Trends, and Business Insider, this tool is magic, especially if you are just starting your own business or wish to upgrade your current website. From AI name generator, professional photos, AI written content, and custom domains, this AI tool right here has got your back! While this one is not free, you get a one-month free trial to assess whether or not this tool is for you. 

4. Fliki.ai 

Click on Flick.ai to create videos with realistic voices from texts and blog posts in just a couple of minutes. With a database of over 900 voices in 75+ languages and 100+ dialects, Fliki makes sure there is a voice that suits everyone. In addition, it also has a rich stock media library with millions of images, video clips, and background music. You’ll never run out of selecting the right visuals to go along with your scene and enhance aspects like marketing in your business.

And like, Krisp.ai, this one is also has a 'free for lifetime' proposition.

5. DigitalFirst.ai 

Being able to formulate a marketing plan that is unique and would work is no less than a nightmare, especially today when there is an overload of online content consumption. This is where you can take the aid of DigitalFirst.ai, an AI tool that is like having a marketing assistant working 24 hours for you! It comes with a suite of incredible features that not only create but also execute your marketing plans for you, significantly cutting down on timelines. It’s a paid tool but a bang for buck with recommendations from 5000+ entrepreneurs, founders, and marketers. 

6. Sourceai.dev 

As a business owner, you know that software production takes time, especially if you care about quality. Sourceai .dev is a tool that can generate code for you in any language including JavaScript, Go, Perl, PHP, Ruby, Swift and TypeScript, and even BASH, and all from a plain text description. 

Incredible, right? All you have to do is describe what your application needs to do in plain text (English, French, German, Spanish, etc.), and boom! You can start using it in a few seconds and take your business to the next level. 

7. Glean.com 

This AI tool is created by industry veterans, who wondered why we don’t have an easier way to find what we need at work. And they gave us the solution in the form of Glean which gives you access to any information stored across your company’s apps and other platforms. 

It is trusted and recommended by companies like Grammarly, Canva, Aurora, and many more. It trains on your company’s unique language and context to improve search relevance. And there is no need for manual fine-tuning. Not only that, even before you search, Glean suggests the information you need, based on what you’re working on, where you’re mentioned, and what’s trending on your team.

If you have been on the search for an AI-powered workplace search engine for your business, this one might be the right fit for you. They do offer a 30-day free trial, after which you have to pay a subscription fee. 

8. Gitmind.com 

So many ideas, yet most remain unexecuted and that is not good because what if the idea you missed out on is ‘THE ONE’ for your business? That is why we recommend using Gitmind.com, a free AI tool that will increase your productivity and make your ideas count. It’s a collaborative mind-mapping software for brainstorming and idea co-creation. It’s a perfect tool to let you visualize complicated concepts, generate new ideas, make lists and outlines, and prepare for presentations. Your team can easily co-create by working on the ideas together.

9. Jasper.ai 

Not everyone can be a writer but everyone can now make use of the brilliant write-ups for their brand marketing with Jasper.ai. This tool is designed to create original and creative marketing copy for social media, websites, blogs, and more. Not only that, it also uses the world’s best SEO practices and creates content in just a matter of seconds and is available in 25+ languages. No, we are not lying. In fact, you can try it using a 7-day free trial. Optimise your marketing content ensuring it is unique to your brand.

10. Beautiful.ai 

As the name suggests, Beautiful.ai is an expert at creating AI-generated beautiful presentations for your work and saves you a lot of time. It comes with an end number of templates to choose from and if you are not satisfied with those, it’ll create a new one for you with the input you give. No more pulling up all-nighters to finish up your next-day meeting presentations. This one is free to use and also comes with a pro-plan that will cost you some money, so you can choose according to your preference.