Own a piece of a painting with The Art Token
Priya Wadhwa

Own a piece of a painting with The Art Token

An insight into the application of blockchain in the field of art.

Would you want to own a piece of the Mona Lisa? A Picasso perhaps? By themselves, these paintings are unattainable for the majority of us, simply due to the enormous price tag that they have. However, with the introduction of blockchain technology, it becomes possible to ‘tokenise’ such items, which allows you to purchase a smaller share of such an expensive item. In other words, you will not have to own the entire painting, but can simply own a part of it; the rest is owned by other people, that purchase the same tokens as you have. Real estate is an obvious application, but art is also a very interesting one.

The Art Token (TAT) is created with that aim in mind – tokenising art pieces, so that everybody is able to own part of a painting without having to pay the full price for it or other art pieces. Recently, TAT has been listed on the decentralised investment platform Swarm, which means that investors are able to purchase TAT tokens on the Swarm platform.

Learn more about the applications of blockchain in art, as well as how to purchase TAT on Swarm, here.