Jordanian Sportech startup, DigitaSport raises seed funding from Oasis500
Priya Wadhwa

Jordanian Sportech startup, DigitaSport raises seed funding from Oasis500

Sporting becoming a serious investment business.

Sporting is a multi-million dollar industry—and a huge chunk of that money comes from non-sporting activities, such as endorsements, adverts, appearances, and such. One of the core aspects of increasing the value of the sports team is to cultivate a loyal audience, majorly through engagement.

Engagement activities keeps audience interested, and in a digital age, an app with multiple features, or a game, has become a go-to option for marketers of sports teams.

Jordan-based startup, DigitaSports, is one such B2B startup that helps sports teams or clubs build an app and choose from a range of engagement features.

DigitaSports is still a very young startup, founded just earlier this year. It doesn’t not yet have a complete website that gives information about the startup, just the home page that leads to a “free consultation” contact form. Although, it has already raised some funds from Oasis500, an investment firm active in pre-seed and seed funding stages.

While the amount has not been disclosed, it is quite an accomplishment to raise funds so early on in a startup journey. Oasis500 plays an integral part in guiding startups, and will be supporting DigitalSport in matters relating to finance, business, development, marketing and corporate connections.

Read more about Oasis500’s investment in DigitaSports here.