SME 4X special: Ingenious invention of the month
Rushika Bhatia

SME 4X special: Ingenious invention of the month

Ekso Bionics is using technology to create a range of products that will help patients with certain types of injuries move freely and independently. It is a revolutionary step in the world of medical rehabilitation and we take a closer look at the concept and how it works…

The concept: Ekso Bionics is one of the few companies taking big leaps in the field of ‘robotic exoskeletons’. Think of robotic exoskeletons as wearable suits that enable humans to move their limbs with more power, strength and flexibility. This technology has been around for a while but hasn’t reached its full potential in the commercial world. New capabilities such as robotics, sensors and cloud computing have reshaped this concept and made it more advanced than ever before.

The challenge it addresses: Esko Bionics and its range of products are created for patients suffering from stroke or spinal cord injury. These products help patients gain mobility and remember their walking patterns. The company’s EksoGT, for instance, is a wearable exoskeleton designed for stroke and spinal cord injury patients that help them recover and gain strength to walk. The exoskeleton can also be personalised as per the patient’s individual needs and paced according to their recovery speed. Moreover, it comes with a controller that gives therapists a chance to change settings in real-time.

Such products are reshaping the world of medical rehabilitation and are giving physicians a lot of support in speeding up patient recovery. Moreover, these products can transmit critical patient information to physicians and doctors. For instance, the company’s EksoPulse cloud-enabled software stores and shares patient analytics. It is designed in a user-friendly way, with a simple dashboard giving physical therapists all the information they in one place.

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