Facebook regulations need to have friend portability
Priya Wadhwa

Facebook regulations need to have friend portability

It's important to level the playing field.

One of the defining factors of Facebook’s unparalleled power is its extensive worldwide user base. Since it has been there for the last decade, constantly innovating and evolving to provide more services, the social network enjoyed the popularity. However, it has become too big for others to even dream about competing.

Can you think of a VC who would back a new social network? Nope—and that’s because the make or break factor for any social network is its user base. Services and features can be offered on most platforms.

As privacy and the influential power of Facebook has become the talk of the town, there is one thing the regulation can do to level the social media playing field—and that is to allow people to port their friend list to the platform they desire to be on, as per Josh Constine.

However, this poses 2 major challenges: one, the regulation would go against personal preference and choice, as the people might need to download or automatically be subscribed to the platforms. Two, the government could have access to people’s personal social media, which goes against the whole issue of invasion of privacy.

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