Aramex launches crowdshipping solution in Saudi Arabia
Priya Wadhwa

Aramex launches crowdshipping solution in Saudi Arabia

The business landscape is ever-changing; with the rapid evolvement and innovation that take place in the technological world, businesses have to either adapt or face the consequences. This forces them to not only be reactive in their approach, but also research and launch innovative ideas themselves, in order to stay ahead of the curve.

One of these recent innovations is Aramex’s crowdshipping solution, which the UAE-based company that launched in Saudi Arabia in December 2018. With this solution, the so-called ‘Aramex Fleet’, the company creates income opportunities for Saudi nationals through a crowdsourced sharing economy model by joining the ‘Aramex Fleet’ platform for flexible delivery work. The innovative and collaborative platform is part of Aramex’s strategy to digitise operations and empower local communities as it expands into the largest economy in the region.

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