UAE employers plan net expansion
Priya Wadhwa

UAE employers plan net expansion

Good news for Asian expats?

According to a study conducted by GulfTalent, an online recruitment firm, UAE employers are planning a net expansion with an increasing percentage of new jobs being filled by Asian professionals. As the market remains tough, the reason behind this trend, as cited by hiring managers and companies, is lower salary expectations.

The study projects a net 9% growth in UAE employment in 2019. Comparing to last year, there has been a 12% increase in Asian professionals being approached by UAE employers, while the numbers for Arab and Western expats have declined by 8% and 10% respectively.

Regarding trends in sectors, the fastest growing have been IT and healthcare, which say a 30% growth in the volume of hiring and is expected to continue growing.

The construction sector remains under pressure, with limited hiring and downsizing. The retail sector too remains under pressure as consumer spending has lowered due to tougher market conditions and an increase in prices due to the introduction of VAT.

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