Chinese investors increasingly interested in the MENA region
Priya Wadhwa

Chinese investors increasingly interested in the MENA region

With the regional startup ecosystem developing in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, corporations and investors from outside the region are increasingly looking into the most promising startups. Whether it is to acquire, work with, or invest in them, MENA-based startups have seen increased interest from foreign parties. According to MAGNiTT, a startup data platform, 30% of all investors that invested in MENA-based startups was not based in MENA in 2018, indicating foreign appetite in the region.

One of the regions that is particularly interested in the Middle East, mainly due to the high amount of similarities, is (South-East) Asia. With total internet penetration surpassing 60% in the Middle East, representing more than 150 million users, Chinese venture capitalists and angel investors see the potential and are looking to invest in e-commerce, travel, entertainment and (Fin)Tech startups in the region. Read more about the interest of Chinese investors in the MENA region here.