Top AI startups in MENA
Rushika Bhatia
10X People

Top AI startups in MENA

SME10X – in partnership with UPS – presents a roundup of the top AI-based startups…

1. Teacherly: Teacherly, a UK-based startup, is working with Dubai Future Foundation to put its AI-powered digital platform in practice for selected schools under UAE’s Taaleem education group. The start-up is looking to bridge the gap between teaching, learning and the workplace. It empowers teachers to prepare lessons, collaborate digitally and communicate more effectively. The idea is to give teachers more time to focus on their core job over paperwork. The start-up raised US$1 million in seed funding in September 2019.

2. Safe Bus: Safe Bus is a smart device that uses artificial intelligence to track the number of passengers on school buses. It currently uses three sensors on the door through which it monitors passenger movement, recording up to 1 meter from the door which helps it know whether children are getting on or off. This produces an accurate passenger count. The device starts the count of passengers as soon as the bus is turned on, as it needs electric connection to work, and runs until the bus is turned off. In the event of the count being greater than zero when the bus is parked for the night, a loud alarm sounds and a SMS notification is sent to the driver and the transportation company to alert them and ensure children are not left behind.

1. Eila: Eila is a chatbot that helps businesses sell their products on Facebook Messenger through chat. The way Eila works is that its service is offered through a chatbot-as-a-service model that automates sales with artificial intelligence using something called ‘conversational commerce’. Solutions such as Eila are a reflection of the direction AI is going and how we can use such technological applications to completely revamp the sales and marketing functions within businesses.