Tips to become a great leader
Priya Wadhwa
10X People

Tips to become a great leader

Hone in on your interpersonal skills to get to the top.

Good leadership is the key to success and is crucial for every business. While micromanagers dictate what employees should go, good leaders motivate and guide them to do it, thereby increasing job satisfaction and talent retention. However, nobody is born a leader, they see, experience and learn the traits of a good one.

Leadership skills are also key for the growth and success of teams. 14 members of the Forbes Coaches Council have come together to offer tips and advice on how you can create a strong leadership presence in your company. From connecting with the team on an individual level, supporting your employees and aiding their growth, to practical tips such as keeping an open door policy, encouraging collaboration and treating everyone equally.

However, before you can lead others, you need to be able to lead yourself. Read more about how you can become a great leader here.