Outsourcing your data analyst
Mita Srinivasan
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Outsourcing your data analyst

Pangaea X is a dedicated data analytics platform that aims to bring together the world’s best freelance data analysts and scientists from across the world on to a single platform and open them to a multitude of opportunities. SME10X spoke to CEO & Founder, Jadd Elliot Dib, on what the business model is and who should be his customers.

What was the reasoning behind the business? What are the driving forces and compelling reasons for the set up?

Jadd Elliot Dib: Data is the new oil, and analytics of this data is how we make use of this new currency. However, Data can be intimidating, confusing, and sometimes inaccessible. Today, organizations all across the world are searching for “data-centric solutions,” which has created millions of jobs worldwide.

Since I moved into the data analytics field as a Consultant in Deloitte, and as more sources of data have become available, I’ve watched companies struggle with ‘data overload.’ They’re sitting on a pile of data but have no way of making sense of it.

Data analysts are popping up everywhere and beginning to fill massive voids in businesses and operations everywhere. There’s not always a budget available for a full-time resource to mine this data – that’s where we come in. I try to fill what I believe is a gap in the market. We want to make this industry, easy, understandable and pleasant to work with from all perspectives.

You claim not to be an aggregator but that is how it appears - why do you claim it is not?

JED: We wouldn’t say that we’re ‘not’ an aggregator but we go beyond simply bringing people together on a platform - our aim is to transform the way companies search, find and connect with Data Analysts all over the world.

The first-of-its-kind in the industry, Pangaea X aims to streamline the connection, hiring and collaboration process into a single online marketplace, connecting the Data Analysis seeker with the world’s best Data Analyst freelancers from across the world.

From collaborating to hiring, to briefing, all the way to paying the freelancers, Pangaea X is present with companies looking to outsource data analytics. Our aim is to be an extension of the in-house team.

The quality of our talent, the consistency of our customer service, the affordability to meet your budgets, and the easiness of navigating our online marketplace are the foundation of our brand.

Who is your target market for this business and who will buy in to this service? Why would they choose to work with your freelancers?

All businesses across all sectors are looking to gain value from data. Whether it’s to better inform business to make data driven decisions, to generate revenue or improve operational efficiency, data science is transforming the business world and every industry is affected.

Our target market is therefore very wide. Any company that does not have in-house data analysis capabilities or those that want to enhance the way they’re managing and mining data would benefit from freelance data analysis support. Due to the Covid-19 crisis, we have also seen larger companies look to more flexible and affordable resourcing models, where freelancers play a key part in complementing in-house teams. Companies are now, more than ever, sourcing freelance talent, especially in niche areas such as data analysis.

Pangaea X is a community of members all looking for an easier way to do business. Our aim is to connect the world with the world’s best talent giving both client and freelancer the freedom to navigate their own project destiny. There is the possibility to just work together on a one-off project or create an ongoing team for long-term relationships.

We want to be known as a ‘safe space’ where both the company and the freelancers feel they are evenly looked after in a seamless manner. Ease is the code that we are living by, with every step of the process aimed at being streamlined and easy to work with. We don’t want to be a hinderance to those that entrust in us, therefore we must ensure that every step is accessible, easy to navigate and simple. People don’t have time for complicated processes, and these days we, as humans, are very impatient, so with that in mind we have ensured that our system can fit in with our clients and freelancers’ lives in the most encompassing way possible, we hope!

Where do you see the business in the next couple of years? Where would you be seeing the demand and the growth?

From the outset of building this company, staying true to our values and building a trusted and reliable source network has, and always will be, at the core of our brand. We would rather achieve steady growth over the next year or so as we build the platform while staying true to our purpose and values.

We pride ourselves in getting to know all of our network which understandably takes time to build. We are very proud that even prior to our official launch we have had a lot of interest in our company which proves that this really is something that will benefit a lot of people worldwide.

At the end of the day, Pangaea X is a community of members all looking for an easier way to do business.