Inspiring Emirati Women: Trailblazers in Diversity and Sustainability
Mokshita P.
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Inspiring Emirati Women: Trailblazers in Diversity and Sustainability

Entrepreneurs, speakers, and sustainability advocates shine on Emirati Women’s Day. From Tala Badri's musical journey to Asma Baker's motivational triumphs, Muna Al Rahma's leadership, and Reem Aljaberi and Alia Abdulmajeed's sustainability drive, these women inspire and uplift.

As the sun rises over the glistening skyscrapers of Dubai, a sense of pride and empowerment fills the air on this special occasion of Emirati Women’s Day. The United Arab Emirates has been a beacon of progress and innovation, and at the heart of this success are the dynamic and trendsetters Emirati women who have defied convention to shape the nation’s future. On this Emirati Women’s Day, we take a closer look at some of the remarkable women who have risen to prominence and become true movers and shakers in various fields, breaking barriers and inspiring generations to come.

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Tala Badri: Pioneering a Harmonious Revolution in Music Education

In the late 1990s, Tala Badri stood at a crossroads. Armed with a degree in Music, her passion was undeniable, yet the opportunities to pursue it in Dubai were scarce. She entered the corporate world, carving out a successful career in finance and FMCG sectors. However, Tala's yearning for a life deeply rooted in her passion could not be silenced. A turning point arrived when her child was diagnosed with autism, and music therapy ignited her dormant dream.

In 2006, Tala founded the Centre for Musical Arts, a groundbreaking initiative providing music education to the Dubai community and schools. Her journey was paved with challenges, yet she persevered, serving as a beacon for women in the Emirati music industry. "Being of service to others and seeing what a difference music makes to people's lives. It is so incredibly satisfying!" Tala exclaims. Her dedication and pioneering spirit have not only transformed lives through music but have also catalysed the rise of creative industries in the UAE.

Asma Baker: A Voice for Inclusion and Dreams

Asma Baker, a dynamic Emirati motivational speaker on the Autism spectrum, is reshaping the conversation around diversity and inclusion. Her journey began with a dream of creating an animation studio, a vision she chased while working at NEXT Chapter. Asma's source of strength stemmed from the support of her mentor, her mother, and her unwavering determination.

She emphasises, "What keeps me motivated is the chance to finally find a way to make it work." Asma's resilience and advocacy have led her to speak at prestigious platforms like the Abu Dhabi Special Olympics World Summer Games and the World Conference of Creative Economy. Her story is a testament to the transformative power of perseverance.

Muna Al Rahma: Shattering Glass Ceilings in Health and Safety

In a traditionally male-dominated industry, Muna Al Rahma stands as a trailblazer. Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Sciences from The University of Auckland, she embarked on her journey with Jumeirah Group, where she ascended from an HSE Assistant Manager to the HSE Manager at Jumeirah Al Naseem. Muna's dedication to health and safety, even in physically demanding circumstances, showcases her commitment to the wellbeing of her colleagues and guests.

Muna advises aspiring women in the field, saying, "The first year in any job is a learning curve and will require you to build strong foundations." Her story highlights the significance of knowledge, resilience, and determination in breaking barriers and achieving success.

Reem Aljaberi: The Voice of Sustainability for a Greener Tomorrow

Reem Aljaberi's fascination with the environment ignited her journey towards sustainability and global impact. As part of the UAE delegation at COP27, she honed her skills in negotiation and critical thinking, subsequently establishing Zayed University's Sustainability Club. Reem's motivation comes from the support she receives and the potential impact she can make as an Emirati woman and youth.

Despite the challenges posed by her academic commitments and part-time work, Reem sees each challenge as an opportunity for growth. Her story emphasises the importance of harnessing adversity as a steppingstone to success.

Alia Abdulmajeed: Championing Climate Action and Collective Change

With the urgency of climate change in mind, Alia Abdulmajeed emerged as a force advocating sustainability and awareness. Her participation in COP27 prompted her to establish Zayed University's Sustainability Club, aimed at raising awareness about climate change. Alia draws inspiration from the UAE's commitment to sustainability and their hosting of COP28.

Alia's journey teaches us that while challenges may arise, they can be transformed into opportunities for personal and professional growth. Her commitment to sustainability exemplifies the power of youth-driven initiatives in creating lasting change.

Today, the UAE celebrates not only its achievements but also the promise of a future led by fearless women who continue to challenge conventions, uplift communities, and steer the nation towards even greater heights of progress.