How an epidemic is a test of humanity
Rushika Bhatia
10X People

How an epidemic is a test of humanity

Polarized, but we're in this together.

The roll-out of coronavirus has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride this week as new details unravel every week, there has been a lot of uncertainty and anxiety surrounding one of the biggest health epidemics we’ve seen in the recent past.

This article is not to talk about the numbers, data, possible outbreaks and its impact across countries – we all know what’s happening, there’s enough being written on coronavirus from a ‘news’ standpoint.

But, I’m writing to ask you all: what about the emotional side of things which we often tend to overlook?

This whole coronavirus epidemic has brought to light the paradoxical and polarized world we live in. In times when we talk about technological connectivity to increase interaction and communication with one another, today we’re questioning every interaction. The truth is we’re all susceptible – and it’s beyond the virus – it’s impact on business, on life and beyond.

And such kind of uncertainty brings out both the best and worst in us.

So what can we do in moments like this? Our personal stance, as partners and as a business, has been to look to the larger scheme of things and take inspiration from the leadership of our country. In all the ups and downs we’ve seen, we’ve come together not just to fight back but fight back to win. Living in this country with hundreds of different nationalities has taught us empathy and compassion. A country that dedicates an entire year to tolerance has taught us to think beyond the notion of ‘self’ and to work together as a country, a community – a family. We live in a country that has taught us that challenges are often not a test of success, but a test of humanity.

We’ve personally had conversations where fellow business owners are putting the safety of their employees first, they’re looking beyond cancelled events to support one another in any way possible.

I know I’ve said this in a few of my other writing pieces, although we put out some massive, large-scale events and activations, we’re a small company with a small team. So, when situations as the one we are currently facing at the moment happen, our first instinct is to come together as a team and protect one another. And to be honest, a lot of this heart comes from the country we live in – the UAE might be a small country in the larger scheme of things, but when we face a challenge – boy do we show might, strength and togetherness.

So, while there are a lot of articles, stories and examples out there of how this epidemic is dehumanizing us, let’s all be examples of how we can respond with the BEST of our humanity.

Finally, I have to be honest what prompted me to write this is two of my partners having a conversation - and while I’m being honest I should also add that a lot of my good ideas come from overhearing my partners’ conversations, but that is a story for another time.